Why Are You So Resistant to Change?

by | Mar 17, 2022

“I know what I need to do … I’m just not doing it.”

Ahh yes, the most common phrase uttered by many of us who find the distinct contrast between our thoughts (what we think we should be doing) and our actions (what we actually do).

Why does this happen?

You know what behaviors will serve you.

You know what you should be doing (for the most part).

And yet, you don’t do it.

Why not?

You may try to explain it by labeling yourself as a failure, inadequate, and a disappointment.

You may feel anger towards yourself for knowing exactly what to do, and yet still not taking action.

I can assure you those explanations are both incorrect and certainly not useful.

Change begins from a place of awareness.

The reality is that you’ve got a competing intention that is often unconscious and that is resisting change.

Behind the intention to be fit and healthy is another intention to seek comfort and not be seen.

Behind the intention to speak your truth, there’s an intention to avoid conflict or disapproval.

The desire to continue to do what you have always done to avoid risk or change is an intention that we all deal with.

There’s a battle between your current pain and the perceived pain of change.

You’re not going to eliminate the competing intentions but the good news is, you don’t have to.

Quite the contrary …

It’s much more effective to illuminate them and make friends with them.

You have to begin from a place of awareness.

Consider this …

When you think about change, you often only imagine the final destination.

Which, in and of itself, is a false premise because there’s no such thing as a final destination. This shit is a lifelong pursuit.

Anyway, you probably imagine the 20 lbs. down, your clothes fitting better, and waking up and loving what you see in the mirror.

That feels really good in your mind.

And it should.

However, you’re missing the most important piece of the puzzle.

Not sure what I’m referring to?

Think about the last diet you tried.

You probably tried it because you believed, to a certain extent, that it would help you reach the promised land of your physical goals.

Maybe you knew someone who lost a bunch of weight pretty quickly and you got excited at the idea of dropping 20 lbs., having your clothes fit better, and loving what you see in the mirror.

But then something strange happened …

After a certain period of time, you were no longer consistent.

You struggled.

Don’t get so caught up in the finish line that you forget about the journey.

You landed back at square 1.

Why? Because you’re a bad person?


Simply because you got caught up in the finish line and forgot about everything that happens between where you are now and where you want to be.

Here’s where the conflict arises.

The pain of giving up your social life, skipping family dinners, and being restrictive AF is more than the pain of staying the same.

So you revert back.

As you should.

Because those steps aren’t necessary and we typically embark in unnecessary measures to reach our goals.

For the simple fact that we only focus on the goal itself and not on the steps to get there.

Very few people actually look at the lifestyle that they need to create to eventually get to where they want to be.

Most people look at the finish line and then fill in the blank with whatever diet makes the most outlandish promise to get there.

Until they subconsciously learn that the pain of that diet is greater than the pain to remain the same.

This cycle can repeat itself for a long time.

10 years was my number.

Hopefully yours will be less than that.

If not, that’s ok.

It’s never too late to change.

Once you’re aware of your conflicting intentions, you must assess the daily actions and habits that you’ll need to integrate into your lifestyle to ultimately reach your goals.

That means that 90% of your focus should be on the path. And 10% of your focus on the finish line (more like a check point but you get what I mean).

We can help you enjoy the journey of pursuing your health and fitness goals.

This is why one of the first conversations that we have with our 1 on 1 clients at POP is about the things they aren’t willing to sacrifice along the way.

They are often taken back by that question.

Simply because most programs they’ve tried in the past had a bunch of rules they needed to follow at all costs.

We don’t work that way.

Will sacrifices need to be made?

Of course.

However, we don’t expect anyone to give up things they love or to stop eating foods they enjoy altogether.

It’s often very apparent from the beginning of our process that the pain of staying the same is much greater than the perceived pain of change.

We simplify things and provide our clients with the lifestyle they want to live in order to get the bodies they desire.

This is also why we guarantee our results.

The process has been proven over and over again so we fully stand behind our program with a results guarantee or it’s no cost at all.

If you have been feeling like you know exactly what to do but you’re just not doing it …

And you want to stop that internal battle …

Then book a call today to see if you’re a good fit for our program.

We’ll ask you several questions to determine if we can help, and if we both decide it’s a good fit, we’ll offer you an invite into our 1 on 1 coaching program.

Book your call here.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

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