You Can Reach Your Goals With One Change

by | Aug 25, 2021

How do you want to get paid?

I’m going to outline two options and you tell me which pay structure sounds more appealing.

We’re going to start with a base pay of $5k per month.

Not bad, right?

That’s $60k/year.

Next month, I’m going to kick that up to $7k/mo.

Then $8k/mo.

In 90 days, you’ll be up to $10k/mo.

You just got a 100% raise in 3 short months.

Before you celebrate …

Month 4 will be $9k/mo.

Then $7k/mo.

And after 6 months, you’ll be back to $5k/mo.

Right around month 9, we’re going to drop that to $3k/mo.

You’ll hang out there for a while, feeling sorry for yourself.

Questioning how the fuck you went from 10k to 3k so quickly.

After the year is over, you’ll find a renewed sense of motivation and we’ll start the process all over again.

That’s option 1.

Here’s another path to follow …

Option 2 starts at $5k/mo as well.

And you have to stay at $5k/mo for an entire year.

12 full months.

After the year, I’m going to double your pay.


That will be your base pay for the following year.

Some months I might drop that down to 8 or 9k/mo and some months I might up that to 11 or 12k/mo but you’ll average 10k/mo for the next year.

Then, year 3 you’ll get a 50% raise.

$15k/mo is your new base pay.

You’ll have some ups and downs but you’ll still average $15k/mo.

So … which option are you taking??

If you said option 2 … you’re lying.

Because what do you do when your weight doesn’t change after a few weeks?

And now you’re telling me you’re ok with no changes for a full year?

Why are you ok with putting in a year’s worth of work before getting a raise but you’re not willing to do the same with your physical results??

Things that make you go hmmmm.

DON’T take the short-cut to reach your goals

Imagine if you could delay gratification with your body composition goals …

You could stop struggling in option 1 and start thriving in option 2.

Isn’t it funny how the “short cut” ends up costing you more time in the long run.

You ready to finally do things the right way?

Well, here’s the best part …

You don’t actually have to go a year without seeing progress.

You can double your base pay in 6 months or less AND reach your goals with our 1:1 coaching program.

At this point, we’ve proven it over and over again.

Those that are successful are the ones who stop wasting time trying to figure it out on their own and realize the value in investing in themselves.

Like our client, Justine, who said, “I used to be on my phone searching social media A LOT because I kept thinking I would find the ‘magic’ answer.

Once I signed up for coaching, it was like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders.

It’s been amazing so far. I feel like I can breathe easier.”

All because she realized that living in option 1 was no longer serving her.

And, she made a choice to make a change.

It’s actually that simple.

If you want the same for yourself, you can shoot me a private message on FB.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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