Your Ultimate Summer Survival Guide

by | May 24, 2022

Things are about to get dicey.

I can already feel it.

The weather is heating up in most of the country, people are traveling more, and I don’t know about you …

But the calendar is filling up quickly!

This past weekend, Mel and I took a quick trip to Miami to get some quality time together.

We also discussed a possible trip to Italy in the fall (since our 2020 planned trip got cancelled).

I immediately scooped up 2 tickets to see Kendrick Lamar in Philly in August once they went on sale.

Mel has a work trip in June.

I have two work trips in July.

My mom, my nephews, and I have birthdays in July.

There’s Memorial Day and July 4th.

And I’m sure about 15 other things that will come up that I’m not even accounting for.

I have to imagine I’m not alone in feeling like summer is going to be a giant blur …

And staying dialed in on your nutrition and training game is going to be a challenge.

However, it actually doesn’t need to be that difficult.

Summer survival tips to help you stay on track with nutrition and training

I’ve got some quick tips that will help you stay on the right path towards your goals through all of the chaos.

Here’s my top 5 tips for summer survival …

1. Walk … a lot.

Walking is truly the great equalizer. When Mel and I travel … we eat. Probably more than you think.

We are foodies at heart and we don’t hold back.

We also walk everywhere.

This past weekend in Miami, we averaged around 20,000 steps per day.

We still had time to relax at the pool and have some drinks.

But we started each day with a long walk to get coffee. We walked to every meal. And simply moving more works wonders for keeping things in check.

2. Protein-first mindset.

ABP – always be proteining.

Family BBQs, vacation meals, birthday parties, whatever …

Hit the protein first, then fill in the rest.

It’s a very simple shift that can go a long way.

Before you throw anything else on your plate …

Protein gets first dibs.

It doesn’t require much brain power and even if it requires a little extra effort or planning … it’s worth it.

3. Water.

I’ll keep using myself as an example, even though I’m an N of 1.

Mel and I went to an outdoor food market in Miami.

There was a smorgasbord of deliciousness.

It was aptly named Smorgasburg.

Anyway, we wanted to enjoy ourselves but didn’t want to go crazy.

We started with a cocktail, then got an assortment of dumplings and an incredible guacamole bowl with tuna.

Then, we both drank a giant water.

And that was it.

We were marveling at the fact that neither one of us was hungry after that.

At the bar, we made sure to have water between each drink.

Once again, it may require a tiny bit of effort but it also goes a long way in minimizing damage.

4. Keep training.

You want the ability to eat more food without gaining weight?

Lift weights and build muscle.

If you’re traveling, do a little scouting and find the closest gym.

Call ahead and ask what equipment the hotel gym has.

Figure out the minimum effective dose for your training schedule.

Even if it’s 2-3 days per week … that’s better than zero.

Keeping your routine somewhat in tact is important.

5. Always return back to the basics.

Look, there are going to be times where everything goes out the window.

The best of intentions still go to shit on occasion.

If you’re expecting perfection … good luck with that.

Successful people are masterful at turning the page quickly.

It’s not that they don’t screw up …

In fact, they probably make more mistakes than anyone.

It’s simply that they don’t let one mistake stack up into several mistakes.

They don’t let one bad decision spiral into several bad decisions.

When an athlete is in a slump …

Their coach will tell them to get back to the basics.

When a shooter is on a cold streak, the best thing they can do is find a way to get an easy basket … like a layup or a free throw.

Get back to the basics and build from there.

When things go to shit … return to the fundamentals.

Make the next meal a better choice. Drink water. Lift heavy shit. Walk. Prioritize sleep. Manage stress. Connect with the people you love.

The fundamentals always work and are especially effective after a poor decision or two.

Well, there you have it … your summer survival guide.

In typical form … I’m not here to give you any revolutionary advice.

Just simple and applicable shit that works.

The question always remains …

Will you do it?

I hope so.

Always in your corner.

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