3 Ways to Get Unstuck When You Don’t See Results

by | Aug 1, 2021

“I’m doing everything right, but I’m not making any progress!”

I was a guest on a podcast yesterday and before we started recording, the host told me that he wanted me on the show for this exact reason.

He said that no one ever addresses this topic …

And I talk about it all the time.

What do you do when you’re doing everything right … but nothing is working?

I’ve discussed it at length because it’s something that I have struggled with personally more times than I can count.

It’s probably the most frustrating situation … in any context.

It makes you want to quit.

To throw in the towel and say why bother?

Like, what’s the point?

If I’m doing all of this shit without seeing results … then why not just live it up and say fuck it?!

First of all, if that’s where your mind goes … you need to reframe your mindset.

It’s not ONLY about the outcome.

It’s about the process.

The process should make you feel a million times better.

The process should enhance every area of your life.

The process should reveal qualities about yourself that you never even knew existed.

And, if your process doesn’t do those things … that’s a major red flag that you’ve got the wrong process.

Anyway, results are fun too.

So let’s address the issue …

How to get unstuck when you’re not seeing results …

In my experience, there are 3 distinct solutions to this problem.

None of them are groundbreaking but they are necessary to understand.

1. You need to be more patient.

This one sucks to hear.

But, it’s pretty freakin common.

As someone who used to jump from program to program because the results weren’t happening fast enough … I can fully relate.

I’m also wildly impatient in general.

I get it from my grandfather (and my mom).

So trust me, I know the struggle.

But real results take time.

And the truth is … if you want sustainable results … it’ll take even longer.

Ideally, the timeline is forever.

But, I like breaking up goals into chunks of manageable time as part of the long game.

Give yourself months instead of weeks.

As long as you’re checking the boxes for what the process should deliver …

Then try committing and following through for 6 months … or longer.

It’s possible you just need more time.

2. You need to be more consistent.

Sometimes doing everything “right,” looks a lot like doing things right and then getting frustrated and going off the rails.

But we conveniently forget that.

I call this the onion effect.

We peel back the layers and reveal that things actually aren’t as consistent as we originally believed.

That can be a tough pill to swallow.

It’s also one I have personal experience with.

I thought I was doing everything right but I conveniently ignored all of the weekend indulgences that were setting me back.

I’m not saying you need to be perfect …

But you may not be as consistent as you think.

3. You need to do the opposite of what you’re doing or what you’ve always done.

If you’ve truly been consistent and have been at it for a while …

You likely hit a wall.

Your body is an adaptation machine.

For example, if you’re always under eating

And staying super consistent …

That shit will run its course VERY quickly.

Then you’ll get frustrated that it’s no longer working.

So do the opposite …

Eat more.

If you’re over training and not seeing progress …

Do the opposite …

Train less.

If you’re trying to be too perfect and it’s stressing you out …

Do the opposite …

Be imperfect.

A new stimulus can work wonders.

Ready to get unstuck with a proven program?

The beauty of what we do in our signature 6-month 1:1 coaching program is that our clients don’t have to feel “stuck.”

We solve the patience problem by having a 6 month minimum commitment.

We solve the consistency problem by utilizing our Neurotyping principles to create a process that allows for effortless consistency based on their personality type.

We also integrate the process into their lifestyle so they can have fun while seeing results.

And, we solve the plateau problem through metabolic priming which allows them to feel their best while seeing body composition changes that actually last.

Our program has created thousands of physical and mental transformations at this point and we’re just getting started.

We continue to improve each day.

If you’re ready to make the commitment, solve your consistency struggles, and finally get unstuck so you can reach your goals in the most sustainable way possible …

Then shoot me a PM on FB. 

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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