A Perspective Shift Can Lead to Better Results

by | Jun 1, 2023

What can my toilet teach you about fat loss?

Well, the first thing you would learn from my toilet today is that I definitely didn’t eat well over the weekend.

Poop jokes aside, there’s actually a valuable lesson to be learned from my toilet and the battle that has taken place over the past several weeks.

It’s not just relevant to fat loss but it applies to any goal that you’re trying to achieve.

Before I explain, I want to apologize to any handymen or handywomen (or plumbers) out there because I have no idea how to describe or properly identify the parts of my toilet. So this will sound like a 5th grade explanation.

Several weeks ago, the toilet seat in our master bathroom came off the hinge. Not really sure if it’s a hinge but there are two little sockets that hold the seat intact.

One of the little sockets popped out so the lid and seat were hanging on by one hinge which meant the seat and lid were not lining up properly with the bowl.

My first thought was to go grab a hammer. I was about to start hammering the lid back on, but then I saw some writing on the hinge. Again, it’s probably not called a hinge but hopefully you know what I’m talking about.

The writing showed a little lock sign with an arrow pointing to the right. And an unlocked symbol with an arrow pointing to the left.

Ah ha! Righty tighty, left loosey. Makes perfect sense.

So I turned the little knob, put the lid back in place, and turned it back to the right to lock it into place.

Voila! I got to be the hero and proudly told Mel that I fixed our toilet. I was ready to score some major brownie points.

Want different results? You have to do something different!

However, a couple of days later, the damn hinge popped out again.

When it comes to fixing things around the house, I’m probably like a 5 out of 10. Not the best, and not the worst.

I was determined to fix this toilet though.

So I examined my work, made sure I had the hinge nice and tight, and got it back in place.

Toilet fixed.

Or so I thought.

Once again, the lid would not stay in place.

I’ll spare you the various things that I tried. It just didn’t make sense in my head. I was doing exactly what was written on the toilet. I was double checking everything. It all seemed perfect.

And yet … after a few weeks, the scorecard read:

Toilet – 57
Mike – 0

It was total domination by my toilet. Maybe this was revenge for all of the shit I put it through (Or put through it. I never said I was done making poop jokes).

I was about to call a handyman and I had accepted my defeat.

No brownie points. No hero status. Just a failure and my tail between my legs.

I didn’t want to call the handyman for something so minor so I was going to chat with Mel and see if there was anything else around the house that needed to be fixed or taken care of that was above my pay grade (aka my ability).

Then, I spotted something! I noticed that something was off on the underside of the toilet seat.

The thing that allows the toilet seat to rotate up and down seemed a bit misaligned. Hmmm, maybe that’s the issue!

I got the little socket thingy aligned (pretty sure that’s the technical name) and locked the lid back in place.

It’s been several days now and the toilet seat is working again!

Toilet: 57
Mike: 1

Regardless of how many attempts at fat loss you’ve had, you only need 1 attempt to work.

My good friend and POP coach Jimmy said something the other day that resonated with me.

He said … imagine if you already knew that the 50th attempt at something would be the one that works. Think about how quickly you’d get those 49 failures out of the way!?

Because it only takes 1.

I didn’t need all 57 attempts at fixing my toilet to work. I just needed 1 attempt to work.

Imagine if you knew for sure that the 10th relationship would be the one where you find the person of your dreams?

Or if you knew for sure that the 20th attempt to lose weight would be the one that sticks and allows you to create a healthy lifestyle that supports the body you desire?

How would you approach failure differently?

I was ready to give up fixing my toilet.

I kept trying the same thing and it was clearly not working. Once I saw things from a slightly different perspective, I was able to change the approach to change the results.

Your fat loss efforts are no different.

If you want sustainable fat loss, you need a perspective shift to get different results.

You’ve always tried things the same way: You’ve tried to slash calories, tried to eliminate carbs, tried to fast the day away. You’ve tried the fads, the cleanses, the MLMs.

Each failed attempt is a lesson in what doesn’t work. It also brings you one step closer to the one that will.

And you only need one.

You simply need a perspective shift to take a different approach that will create different results.

The only thing that will prevent you from getting there is you.

It wasn’t that long ago that I almost quit on myself and gave up on being fit and healthy. I felt beaten down and broken from all of the failed dieting attempts in my past.

It was a coach that showed me the perspective shift that I needed. That my personality was kind of a big deal when it comes to finding a process that I enjoy that makes sense for my brain and body.

That perspective shift allowed me to find the one.

If you knew for sure that your goals would be achieved on the 50th attempt … think about how much more willing you would be to try and fail. You’d get those attempts in as quickly as possible.

You wouldn’t hesitate because “you’ve tried before.” You’d keep going.

Well, I can’t tell you how many attempts it’ll take. But I can tell you that you only need one to work.

You may be one perspective shift away from getting everything you dream of.

I love to be the source of that perspective shift. To show you the role that your personality plays in this process. To teach you how to effectively prime your metabolism so your body responds the way you want it to. And to help you integrate the process into your lifestyle so you can maintain your results forever.

For thousands of people, we have been the one.

Maybe we’ll be the one for you too.

Either way … just keep going.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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