Are Change and Happiness Connected?

by | Jan 18, 2023

Change leads to increased happiness.

Is it really that straight forward?

Actually … yes.

Here was the study that was done …

First, participants were given a very simple survey.

They were asked if there is something in their life right now that they want to change.

Ya know, like a job change. Maybe changing locations. Changing your body. Changing a relationship.

The question was simply … is there SOMETHING in your life that you want to change?

If they answered yes, they were then given an interesting scenario.

Rather than making the decision yourself … we’re going to make it for you with a coin flip.

Heads you change. Tails you stay the same.

25% of the individuals that flipped heads actually made the change in their life.

That means that even being a willing participant doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll follow through with the change.

But here’s where it gets interesting …

The researchers did a follow up survey and found something pretty cool.

There IS a connection between change and happiness.

The people that followed through with making the change reported significantly higher levels of happiness and gratitude than the individuals that didn’t change.

The takeaway is simple …

Most people want to change. Very few actually change.

The ones that do change are more likely to be happier and more fulfilled.


Because anything you desire in life requires change.

Think about all the things that bring you joy right now.

Your partner? That required a change (going from single to in a relationship).

Your kids? That required a change (going from not having a baby to having one or many lol).

Your friends? That required a change.

Your body? Maybe that isn’t a source of happiness and joy right now …

But it can be in the exact same way that everything else in your life that brings you joy has.

It also requires change.

You have the power to change a lot of things.

You can change the way you diet by not following the old school way of thinking that you need to constantly eat less and move more.

You can change your food choices to find the ones that make you feel your best and support your internal health.

You can change the way you fuel your body to support more strength and recovery.

You can change the way you support your metabolism to promote the results you desire.

You can change your body so it brings you joy.

But it requires changING.

Changing the way you think about proper nutrition.

Changing your limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability to reach your goals.

Changing your behaviors and habits to support the body and the life you desire.

What happens if you don’t change? Happiness is left by the wayside.

The one thing we know for sure …

If you don’t change, you’ll be leaving happiness on the table. You’ll be solidifying your current situation.

You can change. You can be proud and confident with your body composition.

You can feel comfortable in your clothes and love what you see in the mirror.

It’s all possible on the other side of change.

The opportunity to change in a major way will reveal itself very soon.

Let’s just say … it’ll CHALLENGE you 😉

And will contribute to something massively important.

More on that later.

Today, I just wanted you to know that your decision to change will directly influence your happiness and joy.

Choose wisely.

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