Are You Pushing a Current Problem Off as a Future One?

by | Oct 7, 2022

There were two distinct phone calls that fundamentally shook me to my core.

They were both from my sister.

The first was when my grandfather passed away a little over 4 years ago.

I’ve talked about how much he meant to me and that I named my business after him (we called him Pop Pop. My business is POP).

The second one happened a little over a year ago.

An urgent issue that needed immediate attention …

Another person who has had a profound impact on my life, my dad, was experiencing some minor chest pain.

As an active and healthy guy, we didn’t think anything of it.

At least I didn’t.

My dad was still playing tennis regularly and has always been someone who takes care of himself pretty well.

Some random and intermittent chest pain … maybe it’s just stress.

Well it was a lot more than that.

I was standing in my kitchen when my sister called to deliver the news.

“Dad has two arteries that are significantly blocked. One of them is the left main artery which, apparently, is the worst possible spot for a blockage.”

Ummm what??

That can’t be.

I was in utter shock.

What does that mean?

It means he’s going to need double bypass surgery.

At that point, I felt a whirlwind of emotions rush over me.

I tried to hold it together as best I could.

I started playing out all the scenarios in my head.

Do we know when the surgery will be?

ASAP. They cannot wait on this, it has to happen right away.

Ok … I guess this is really happening.

The thing that I remember so vividly is how quickly everything transpired.

From getting the news to being in the hospital to watching the nurses roll my dad away to getting updates on the surgery to receiving the final call from the surgeon just after midnight …

He’s all closed up. We’re almost done, you can come visit.

There was no room to delay.

It was an urgent problem that required urgent action.

We frequently push a current problem off as a future problem.

You are likely facing a current problem right now. In this very moment.

I’d be willing to bet that you frequently treat it as a future problem.

We do this all the time.

Even in situations that aren’t necessarily all that important.

For example, I have to be up very early tomorrow morning for a meeting or to workout or for whatever reason …

But I’m out with friends.

That’s ok, I’ll keep drinking and will only get 4 hours of sleep …

That’s not my problem. That’s future me’s problem.

What if you treated every problem as a current problem? As an urgent problem?

How long have you been trying to achieve the body you desire? How long have you been trying to feel more comfortable in your own skin? How long have you been impacted by your relationship with food? How long have you been held back by your thoughts around food and your thoughts around your body?

I’d say it’s an urgent problem.

And yet, every time you tell yourself you’re not ready. Or that you’ll take care of it when … (insert excuse).

Or that you can’t afford it.

You’re pushing the problem onto Future You.

What did Future You do to deserve that?

Doesn’t Future You deserve to be the one who has that problem already solved?

That can only happen if you treat the problem as one of your current problems and not a future problem.

You don’t need to stare your morality in the face to understand the urgency that should take place when something is a consistent and persistent problem.

How much stress have you experienced due to your lack of progress? How much frustration have you experienced because you’re not where you want to be physically or mentally? How many times have you rode the emotional roller coaster of all or nothing thinking?

I’d say it’s an urgent problem.

The reality is, you can only delay for so long.

The problem doesn’t go away on it’s own.

It would’ve been lovely if my dad could’ve simply said … you know what, I’m just not going to deal with this …

And then his arteries just unblocked themselves.

It would have saved us all a lot of stress. And it would’ve saved him a long and trying recovery (which he attacked with an amazing mindset).

But it doesn’t work that way.

He needed a specialist to solve his urgent problem.

Who are you relying on for help?

Just like you need a specialist to solve your urgent problem.

You can’t simply take a generic approach.

Just like my dad couldn’t simply go to a generalist. The family doctor wasn’t going to be helpful for his situation.

A generalist can’t solve your problem.

You won’t find the answer within a cookie cutter program or a random calorie and macro prescription.

You need a specialist.

You need something that is designed specifically for your situation.

You need a process that accounts for your personality and your metabolic fingerprint.

You need a solution that accommodates for your lifestyle and values.

You can’t bargain shop the solution.

You can’t pick this up on sale at Walmart.

When you understand the urgency of the problem and the specificity that’s needed to solve the problem, then you understand the value in your own personal solution.

We deliver that solution.

In fact, 99% of programs out there are generalists.

There are very few specialists.

You have a ton of options but you don’t have a ton of options who can actually solve your problem the way you need it to be solved.


The permanent solution to your current problem looks like …

The permanent solution will account for your personality type.

The permanent solution will prime your metabolism in a way that allows you to thrive, eat more, get stronger, and feel your best throughout the process.

The permanent solution will fit within your lifestyle so you can enjoy yourself and do this for the rest of your life.

Future You will thank you for acting with urgency to solve this current problem.

Every single moment you delay is another moment that you are pushing off responsibility onto Future You.

This is not a future problem.

This is a problem that lives in the here and now.

Act accordingly.

If you want help creating your own permanent solution …

That’s what we do in our 6 month, 1 on 1 coaching program that produces an average of 20-30 lbs. of fat loss for our clients while giving them the tools to maintain their results for life.

It’s especially effective for busy and driven individuals who have a lot on their plate and have had success in other areas of life (like family, career, etc.) but feel like the physical results have been eluding them for too long.

If that sounds like you, and you’re interested in solving that problem right now, then hit this link to book a call:

The next step is to make sure it’s a good fit on both sides that we work together. We do that with a phone call. I cannot tell you how many people reach out and then fail to schedule their call. Once again, creating a bigger problem in the future. Don’t be that person. If you reach out, reach out with the intent of solving this problem now. Otherwise, don’t bother.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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