Are You Seeking the Magic Bullet or In This For the Long Haul?

by | Apr 10, 2020

I hope this story doesn’t resonate.

I have a close friend who I’ve helped for the last 4 years (we just got a reminder on FB, LOL). And, she’s down about 30 lbs.

This is not a physical transformation story. Or, a transformation story at all. I just needed to provide context.

My friend has someone close to her who noticed her progress and inquired about more information (as tends to happen when dramatic physical changes occur).

She told her friend all about me and POP and our philosophy.

The friend did nothing with that information.

Almost weekly, the same conversation would happen. “Just reach out to Mike. If nothing else, he’ll absolutely point you in the right direction.”

On and on it went.

The myth of the magic bullet

Finally, the friend admitted her concerns.

“I want the magic bullet. I don’t want this to take years to accomplish.”

Ahh, yes … the belief in the magic bullet. Something I know all too well.

The irony of the magic bullet is that it actually EXTENDS the time frame.

The pursuit of quick results is the very thing that makes it take longer.

Because, inevitably, you learn one way or the other that this shit takes time. Patience. Failure. Growth.

And, this relentless pursuit of an external goal, as fast as possible, will consistently leave you back at square 1. Or, square -1.

Where will YOU be in two years?

That first conversation they had was two years ago.

Unfortunately, her friend is still in the same spot. And, I really hope that doesn’t resonate.

If it does, it’s nothing to feel bad about. Two years is nothing compared to the amount of time I spent starting back at square 1.

The sad part is when I think about where she could be with two years under her belt of doing things the right way.

I don’t even care or know what the physical results would be. I just know she’d be more self aware, more confident, and would feel 1000% better.

Less mental anguish. More mental freedom.

That much I know.

It’s interesting when we think about the “cost” or the “time” that we need to put in.

Like what’s the fucking rush?

You want this for life or not? Is there an internal driver, or is it purely external?

What if we re-frame that perspective?

What’s the “cost” of not doing it? What is the “cost” of continuing to seek out the magic bullet? What’s the “cost” of another quick fix?

Let me put that another way … what is it WORTH to you to never have to diet again? How much is it WORTH to you to feel confident in your own individual needs? Is it WORTH it to you to have a healthy and loving relationship with food, your body, and exercise?

What about the time? How much time are you willing to invest to accomplish those things?

Just some food for thought on a Friday.

And, while you ponder those questions, think about what a $97 investment to repair your relationship with food will mean to you.

Enrollment in JUST EAT Academy closes today.

I’m not here to convince you of the value. I’m here to help. That’s all.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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