Transformation Thursday!

by | Feb 20, 2020

Meet Cindy, who is an awesome client, working with April Blackford … here is her transformation journey!

She is 57 years old and has goals to be strong, healthy and just kick butt at life.

April has been back working with Cindy since the New Year. She is already down 10 pounds in just this short of time and is still eating a decent amount of carbohydrates, even on her lowest day.

How did she achieve these results? Consistency!

There is a difference in consistency and perfection. I actually had to learn this lesson many years back.

I have always been a perfectionist at heart and the constant strive for this often had me spinning my wheels.

Feeling like a failure because I couldn’t be perfect. Thinking that my lack of progress was because I was not perfect enough or good enough.

Well, I have to say and have learned the honest way, that no matter how much we strive for perfection we can not achieve it or adhere to it.

Life is always going to throw a hurdle at us despite our best intentions for that day. We can either let it hit us and knock us completely down and quit or we can take the punch and move on.

Results like Cindy’s are not achieved with perfection. They are achieved with consistency and having some balance with “life”.

If we do not have balance, we will never be able to sustain the results long term.

A lot of people come to us and question whether or not they’ll be able to make progress due to their age.

Your age isn’t holding you back. Your limiting belief about your age is.

When you listen to your body, build a plan around your lifestyle and goals, and understand how to set the framework for consistency over perfection… it’s amazing what you can accomplish.

April has a gift for simplifying this process with her clients.

If you’ve been on the fence about working with April to take your results to the next level.. it’s time to take the leap! YOUR transformation is waiting!

She has spots open right now! You can let her guide you to results that you didn’t believe possible… OR.. keep trying what you’ve been doing.

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