Are You Willing to Change to Get the Results You Want?

by | Oct 27, 2022

When you want to make progress towards your body composition goals

What do you do?

What’s your go-to strategy?

You’ve probably got some tried and true method that you’ve pulled out of your back pocket a number of times.

Even though it sucks. It’s reliable and there when you need it.

Do you cut out carbs? Do you stop drinking alcohol for 30 days? Do you drop calories really low? Do you start fasting all day?

We’ve all been taught some various diet strategies over the years.

The diet industry has certainly left its mark in a big way on most of us.

My old faithful dieting method was the one that got me to my lightest weight.

It involved fasting until 2pm. Then no carbs until dinner. And I could only have a protein shake (with just protein powder and almond milk) with one serving of berries if I trained that day.

Anytime I felt myself gaining too much weight, I’d pull that card out of my back pocket and use it.

I hated playing that card. It was miserable.

But I always lost weight.

And, of course, I always gained it back.

Look, we all have our own diet habits and patterns that we fall into.

We’ve been taught that fats are evil. We’ve been taught that carbs are evil. We’ve been taught that sugar is evil. We’ve been taught that protein is evil. We’ve been taught that breakfast is evil. We’ve been taught that calories are evil.

No wonder we’ve all got our own issues when it comes to our relationship with food.

It can take YEARS or DECADES to learn that there is a better way.

That you can do things differently.

In fact, you MUST do things differently if you want a different result.


Because CHANGE requires CHANGING.

Which presents a problem …

We’re often stuck in our ways. We have a hard time actually doing things differently.

If you are always defaulting to slashing calories … you probably need to spend more time eating more.

If you are always defaulting to extra cardio … you probably need to spend less time doing cardio and more time strength training.

If you are always defaulting to fasting … you probably need to eat more frequently.

If you are always defaulting to cutting out carbs … you probably need to eat more carbs.

If you are always defaulting to doing more … you probably need more recovery and less stress.

If you are always defaulting to ignoring how much you’re eating … you probably need to spend some time tracking macros.

If you are always obsessing about every morsel of food you eat … you probably need to spend more time NOT tracking macros.

If you are always trying to figure things out on your own … you probably need to spend more time working with a coach.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. You have to be willing to change.

Your default patterns and behaviors have gotten you to this point in time.

If you aren’t where you want to be right now then you likely have to make some changes (if you actually want to achieve your goals).

One of the biggest indicators that I see in our clients that literally guarantees they’ll be successful with our program is a willingness to change.

Our coaching program comes with a results guarantee for this exact reason. Because if we know you have a willingness to change … then achieving your goals is going to happen.

It’s only a matter of time. So we guarantee it.

And it’s our job to filter out the individuals who aren’t willing to change.

Because we can’t help someone who isn’t willing to be helped.

You’d be amazed at how many people reach out to us about coaching and say they want a certain result …

Then list all of the things they aren’t willing to change or do.

So … basically … you want to keep doing what you’re doing but somehow get a different result?


Cool, that’s not how this works.

When you’re willing to change, you’ll see the better options that are available to you.

It’s like the man who walks to work every day and falls into the giant hole in the sidewalk.

Each day he falls into the same hole.

He keeps bitching and complaining about how he doesn’t want to fall into that hole anymore.

He points the finger at everyone else.

Then one day, a coworker asks if he wants to walk to work together.

So they meet up and take a different path to work.

One that doesn’t involve a sidewalk with a giant hole.

He’s amazed that he got to work without falling in a hole.

Turns out, the alternate path to work was even quicker than the one he took every day that had him falling into the hole.

But he never knew that path existed. And he wasn’t willing to change his way.

Someone had to show him the other path for him to see it and believe it.

Similarly, you have someone showing up in your inbox almost daily to show you that there’s a better path ;).

One that doesn’t involve falling into a giant hole (aka losing and gaining, being miserable through the process, feeling frustrated with lack of results, ruining your relationship with food, being stressed and obsessed all the time).

The better path means you have to be willing to change.

You have to be willing to do things you haven’t done before.

You have to think differently.

If you’re able to do those things.. your success is not only probable.. it’s a foregone conclusion.

If you remain stuck in your ways and you’re not willing to change, don’t be surprised when nothing changes.

You’ve simply chosen the path with the giant hole and you refuse to take a different road.

That’s ok. We all have choices.

Just know … there is always a better option waiting for you.

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