Do You Allow External Noise to Guide or Define You?

by | Mar 27, 2020

Do you allow external noise to become your internal story?

Today, I’m inspired by a guest that I interviewed on my podcast.

Karon ‘Coach Kronic’ Hawkins specializes in helping people move better and more efficiently.

However, his story was what really had me deep in thought.

Growing up, Karon was bullied in school because he didn’t fit the external expectation of his peers as a black male that wasn’t an athlete.

Then, he found an outlet and a passion for dance.

Of course, that created more bullying because a male who dances … he must be gay.

We see this form of societal stereotyping or placing people in “boxes” all the time.

Our brains don’t like uncertainty so we’d rather make assumptions about people than get to know the truth.

In diet culture, there’s a ton of pressure placed on women to fit a certain body type.

Often times, that external pressure becomes your internal voice.

“I’m supposed to be thin. Since I’m not, there must be something wrong with me.”

In Karon’s case, he used dance and fitness to write his own story. He didn’t allow the external noise to create his reality.

It wasn’t an accident either. Karon actively pursued self development and received help from coaches and therapy.

Currently, there’s a lot of external noise circulating.

Those who allow that external noise to seep in and become the internal dialogue are going to struggle to get through these times.

Those who actively seek help, connection, and self awareness will be more than fine.

Today’s podcast episode is a must-listen!

It would mean the world to me and Karon if you spread the love on Instagram (only if you enjoy the episode!).

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