Do You Have a Personalized Nutrition and Training Plan?

by | Apr 14, 2023

Here’s the exact nutrition and training plan I’m following that has me getting leaner every single week …

Ok, I’m not really going to share because it’s completely irrelevant and not particularly useful.

Why? Because it’s built for me. And I’m not you. And you’re not me (you should be grateful for that).

This morning I found out that someone was plagiarizing my emails. Was a shitty thing to discover.

It’s not the first time. In fact, it’s about the 5th time that this has happened to me. It sucks every time.

Fortunately, the person owned it, didn’t make excuses, apologized, and said it will never happen again.

Look, we all make mistakes and I’m certainly in no position to sit on my high horse about poor judgement. I’ve fucked up in many ways and my expectation of myself is to learn from it and course correct. That’s all I expect of others too.

Anyway, this isn’t about making mistakes.

Your ultimate success will come from a personalized nutrition and training plan.

The lesson learned from using someone else’s words is the same as using someone else’s nutrition and training plan.

My words coming out of someone else’s mouth will not have the same effect.

Even if I say good words (which is debatable).

This person has created success by using his own words. Not by using mine.

Your success cannot be found in someone else’s nutrition and training plan.

The whole philosophy behind POP actually stemmed from my disappointment in how programs try to place everyone in the same box.

When I worked as a nutrition coach for another company, it was the same copy and paste bullshit for every single client.

Nothing was unique to the individual.

Which is the equivalent of forcing someone else’s words into your mouth.

Shouldn’t be surprising that no one is or was successful on that program.

When I created POP, the underlying, foundational principle has and will always be … it’s built for YOU.

Every person is different so there’s no pre-determined way of doing things.

We find what works best for you. Not just with training and nutrition. I’m talking everything.

Your mindset, your personality, your lifestyle, your family dynamic, your values, your goals, your history, your coping mechanisms, your metabolism, your communication preference.

There is no “program.”

That can be a difficult concept to grasp for many. Because we’re so used to just being told what to do. We’re used to being force fed someone else’s plan.

Your plan is unique to you.

Personalized nutrition coaching leads to personalized results.

Maybe you should be tracking macros. Maybe you shouldn’t be.

Maybe you should be doing cardio. Maybe you shouldn’t be.

Maybe you should be increasing calories. Maybe you should be decreasing them.

Maybe you should be doing more. Maybe you should be doing less.

The process and the plan will be 100% tailored to all the things that make you unique.

If you’re sitting there like … why can’t you just give me a meal plan and send me on my way?

To which I say … sure, that’s fine, if you don’t care about sustaining your results. If you’re in this for a temporary solution, then go for it. But we’re not the right fit for you if that’s the case.

You want to place yourself in a box? Cool. Who am I to stop you.

A personalized nutrition and training plan can lead to sustainable results.

My belief is that long term success is created and maintained by understanding what works best for you, as an individual. Plain and simple.

This is also the reason that the comparison game is extremely dangerous. You may see someone you admire on social media and want to look like them.

So you want all of the juicy details as to what their nutrition and training plan looks like.

It’s irrelevant. It won’t help you.

They may be genetically gifted and eat absolute shit quality food but can stay lean anyway so you think to yourself … oooh, if they can do it, I can too!

You don’t have their genetics. Or their lifestyle. Or their mindset. Or their metabolism.

You get the point.

Just like my words won’t be as effective coming out of someone else’s mouth …

Trying to follow someone else’s plan will never be as effective for you.

Stay in your own lane. Run your own race. Insert any other cliche you want about not worrying about what others are doing.

Take the necessary steps to figure out what YOUR plan should look like based on what makes you, you.

That’s what we’re the best at. So if you need some help, you know where to find me.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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