Do You Really WANT to Change?

by | Jul 29, 2021

This may come as a surprise to you but …

Making a change is optional.

Crazy, I know, but hear me out.

You don’t have to change if you don’t want to.

No one gets to decide what you do with your body (or your life) except you.

This may seem obvious, but have you actually taken the time to sit with yourself and consider if you truly want to change?

Or, are you just going through the motions half-assedly (new word I’m coining) because of what you’re “supposed” to be doing?

We live in a check the box society.

Go to college ✅
Get a job ✅
Get married ✅
Buy a house ✅
Have kids ✅
Diet ✅

Diet should actually be in between each step because that’s how much pressure is often put on us to constantly try to change our bodies.

The point is … it’s very easy to get caught up in what you’re “supposed” to be doing vs. what you actually want to be doing.

You say you want to change, but is it worth it to you?

That’s a question that only you can answer.

You may not have to track every morsel of food that you eat …

But, you will need some awareness of how much you’re eating.

You certainly don’t have to hit the gym 7 days per week …

But you will need to be more active.

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods or only eat “clean”…

But you will need to make quality food choices most of the time.

Those sacrifices may not be worth it to you.

If you keep saying you want to change but your actions tell a different story …

Then maybe it’s time to reassess if this is really what you want.

Remember … changing your body is optional.

What story are you telling with your actions?

Is it one that says … I’m willing to make the necessary sacrifices because I know how important this is to me.

Or, is it one that says … I say I want this but the minute things get uncomfortable or difficult, I throw in the towel.

Maybe you don’t want it after all.

Or, maybe your why is unanchored.

What I mean by that is …

The reason this matters to you in the first place …

The reasons you want to change …

They need to be anchored.

Like being there for your kids. Setting a good example for them. Taking care of yourself so they don’t have the same disordered relationship with food that you did.

That’s an anchored why. It’s not going anywhere. It’s grounded.

I want to look good for summer.

That’s an unanchored why.

Once you get leaner for summer or once summer is over … the why is gone. And, your results will be as well.

If you find yourself going through these phases and cycles of perfection, followed by inconsistency…

You likely have an unanchored why.

How to REALLY make a change:

Step 1 … Decide if you truly want to change or if you’re just checking the box.
Step 2 … Consider why that change is meaningful to you.
Step 3 … Understand the sacrifices required to make that change.
Step 4 … Accept failure as part of the process and know that your why is so important that you won’t stop. Rather, you’ll view those failures as opportunities to learn and grow.
Step 5 … Take action and be relentless in your pursuit.

This is all a choice.

You don’t have to do it.

You can stay exactly where you are.

That’s perfectly acceptable if that’s truly what you want.

However, if you know you want to change but have had difficulty MAKING that change …

Ask for help.

Do THIS if you really want to change …

We have worked with thousands of individuals in your exact shoes and we’ve been able to get them exactly where they want to be with the freedom to maintain it for life.

That includes body composition changes, improvements in their relationship with food, getting healthier and more fit, and better performance.

Our process is the most effective you’ll find because it addresses the psychological as well as physiological.

By understanding your Neurotype, we’ll be able to create a plan that allows for the highest level of consistency.

By priming your metabolism, we’ll be able to facilitate physical results that are sustainable.

By integrating everything into your lifestyle, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and have fun through the process while achieving your goals.

6 months from now can either be life changing …

Or you can decide that change isn’t for you.

That’s totally fine.

If you really want to change and you’re ready to commit …  shoot me a private message on FB.

We’ll have a quick chat to see if you’re actually ready ;).

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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