The Best Summer Ever … Could Be This One!

by | Jun 9, 2021

Remember that one summer??!

You know the one I’m talking about …

It was absolutely epic!

You made so much progress.

You were lean.

Dropping pounds left and right.

Best. Summer. Ever.

But, was it really?

Ya know …

Never mind the part where you felt like crap.

Who cares about energy levels or crankiness or having no sex drive when you’ve got less body fat!

Besides … that summer was so much fun.

Especially the times when you had family and friends over for BBQs and everyone was laughing, drinking, and enjoying amazing food.

You didn’t need to participate in all of that …

You had your Tupperware and gallon jug of water.

What could be better?

Food obsessions, calorie restrictions, and more …

I’m sure no one could tell that you were obsessing about food the entire time.

And that all you wanted was a single fuckin drink.

But nope! You stuck to that plan like a boss.

No pain, no gain, am I right?!

Well … there was that one birthday party where you indulged in a moment of weakness.

But it’s all good …

You made up for it by going even lower on your calories for the next week.

Who cares that you had intense cravings all summer?

Who cares that you weren’t present with your family because all you could think about was your body. And food. And how you just need to get to your goal weight and then everything will go back to “normal.”

Man, that summer was the best.

It was an especially proud moment when you went on vacation with your family and didn’t even touch a single piece of dessert.

Ya know, I’m sure your kids didn’t notice.

It’s not like kids are perceptive AF or anything.

They probably think it’s normal at this point that mommy is always “dieting.”

At least you didn’t have to come back and starve yourself after that trip because you still got in a workout every single day and stayed completely dialed in on your nutrition.

What. A. Summer.

You may even be thinking about recreating that magic.

I mean … who wouldn’t want that?

Being as lean as possible at all costs …

Sign me up.

Remember THIS about that summer?

Oh, but there’s the one little part that you probably don’t remember.

It’s pretty minor.

Probably not worth paying attention to.

It’s simply the part where you snapped.

Where you completely broke down and began eating everything in sight.

It’s the part where your body had nothing left to give.

No energy. No willpower. No cycle. No motivation.

It’s the part where you gained back every single pound that you lost … and then some.

It’s the part where you felt like a failure and unloaded so much shame on yourself that you went into a several month spiral before finally waking up.

Yeah … that part.

So, maybe before you start thinking about that one summer …

It would be wise to take a step back and consider what you want for your lifestyle..

Your future.

Your kids.

You can have the physical goals.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But maybe consider your approach.

And what you’re sacrificing along the way.

Our clients are having the best summer ever!

In the meantime, our clients will be over here enjoying the fuck out of their summers.

They’ll be eating cake on birthdays.

They’ll be indulging when they want to indulge.

And, they’ll be rocking bikinis while eating pizza and chips (see below).

Best summer ever

Oh, and here’s the kicker … they’ll be doing all of that while making progress towards their goals that they never imagined possible.

Don’t get me wrong … reliving your one epic summer sounds like a hoot.

But maybe you should consider trying it our way.

Which, ironically, happens to be your way.

If that sounds more appealing, all ya gotta do is shoot me a private message on FB.

Let’s have a chat and discuss what that might look like for you.

Or, keep doing what you’re doing and hope that something will magically be different this time.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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