Going Beyond Different and Creating Lasting Results

by | May 7, 2020


Had to go all caps because every time I tried a new diet, I would literally feel those words bottled up inside of me, ready to explode.

The truth … it was never different.

Failed diet after failed diet. Each one made grandiose promises only to fall flat … leaving me with my tail between my legs and feeling like I was broken.

So, when someone reaches out to me about coaching with those same exact words … it hits way too close to home.

Admittedly, I’m not great at explaining it.

I can talk about individualization, factoring in your personality, lifestyle, mindset, habits, values, and personal preferences until I’m blue in the face … but it’s often met with skepticism.

To illustrate this point, I just shared a powerful story about a client of ours.

If you want to read the entire conversation we had before she joined coaching … you can check it out on IG  HERE.

I’m going to highlight some quotes here …

“What’s going to be different THIS time?”

“I’m still interested in finally seeing results (I’ve been trying for the last 25 years) but I’ve struggled with coaches and programs in the past as I’ve never found that they really honestly care nor that it’s been an individualized enough approach for me!”

“My last coach had me doing 90 minutes of cardio per day, plus lifting, and I still wasn’t leaning out as I’d like. And, every week I’d send pics and my weight and they’d just tell me to keep going.”

“The bottom line is that I’m not convinced that I’ll be successful with this type of coaching. I need more help!”

“I swear I can’t eat as much as most people do and stay lean (even with 90 minutes of cardio per day).”

“I eat healthy and I exercise, and I’m on my feet at work. But, I just can’t get lean. I have the slowest metabolism in the world, and I store my fat around my belly … worst combo.”

“Do you really think that I can exercise for an hour a day, follow your plan, and I’ll get lean and find my abs somewhere under all my chubs?”

“Ok … I trust you. I’m willing to try if you still think I can do it even though I don’t lose fat like normal people.”

I can relate …

Can you FEEL the frustration? Are you able to see the self-limiting beliefs? The narrative that was created based on past experiences??

Ugh … that’s all too familiar.

Feeling broken, feeling like a failure. Thinking … it must be me. I must be different. I’m not like other people.

Literally, it breaks my heart.

It breaks my heart because there are so many people who can relate to this but they never take the leap like this client decided to do.

I’m not sure why she trusted me because I didn’t say anything magical.

But, look at what she sent me a couple of weeks ago …

Finally … a different story

“Just so you know … you and Trish have changed my life. THANK YOU … that is all!”

Again, it’s worth seeing the full conversation on IG for context.

I wish I could better explain how it’s different.

My best attempt is this … when everything is built around YOU, and you no longer have to play by someone else’s rules … it’s just different. It just works. It’s liberating, it’s more enjoyable, and it’s LASTING.

I know that past experiences can create a massive build up of frustration, doubt, and self-limiting beliefs.

I lived in that reality for too long.

My hope is that you will find the courage to not allow that to be your reality.

When you do find that courage … we’ll be here.

Ready to change your life for the better? In reality, you’ll be changing your own life and becoming the best version of you. We’ll be here to help guide the ship 🙂

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