How I Overcame Disordered Eating

by | Sep 1, 2021

There was a time where you couldn’t pay me to eat anything that wasn’t “clean.”

I put that word in quotes because … what does that even mean??

Anyway, I clearly had a definition in my head at that time and I wouldn’t dare stray.

Some admired my discipline.

Others pointed out that it was an eating disorder.

Personally, I just wanted to figure out how the fuck I got there so I could help others avoid that same fate.

Here’s what my disordered eating looked like:

It started with a pretty simple goal …

Lose fat.

It began with the best of intentions …

Eat less, move more.

It took on many different forms …

Meal plans, challenges, fad diets, calorie counting, fasting, meal replacements, restriction.

It slowly accumulated over time …

The disordered thoughts around food, the obsessive tendencies, the all or nothing mindset, the labeling of foods as good vs. bad.

Each failed dieting attempt reinforced my perceptions …

That I wasn’t good enough and that going back to “normal” caused the weight regain so the “normal” foods must be the problem.

Enter: orthorexia.

It lasted for a while and the thing that actually pulled me out of it was macros.

And me being who I am … of course I had to take that to the extreme as well.

Basically replacing one obsession for another.

You couldn’t pay me to miss my numbers.

If it couldn’t be tracked perfectly, I would feel such intense anxiety and would typically respond by under eating even more.

I’m sharing this because I’m hoping it sheds light on something that is critically important …

Let’s imagine you were my coach.

I just outlined my backstory.

Now … would you suggest that I try another diet?

Or that adjusting my macros will be the key to my success?

I seriously hope not.

That would be like seeing someone who just stepped on a nail and advising them to step on another one to see if that helps.

Hey that first nail didn’t feel too good but try this one on for size!

The funny thing is … that’s basically what I tried to do to fix it.

More diets. Macro harder. Be more perfect.

That didn’t end well.

Disordered eating starts in the mind.

If you were my coach, hopefully you would’ve addressed the root of my issues.

My thoughts around food.

My all or nothing mindset.

My perfectionist tendencies.

Those were the things that eventually needed to be dealt with.

That … and also understanding my Neurotype.

Once I understood my personality type, it was like a giant flashlight showing me exactly where to focus my attention.

It was my way out.

And, even though there are plenty of times where old thoughts creep in and old behavioral patterns try to rear their ugly heads …

It’s also my guiding light through difficult times.

My point to all of this …

Is that it’s rarely the food itself.

It’s rarely the diet or the macro breakdown.

There’s a REASON you feel the need to try another diet.

There’s a REASON you feel like eliminating a food group is worth a shot.

There’s a REASON you obsess over your macros.

A mindset shift leads to better results.

When the next Neurotyping Challenge begins next week …

You’ll hear me consistently discuss your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, and the mindset roadblocks that are keeping you stuck.

You’ll hear me talk very little about actual nutrition or actual training.

Of course, we’ll touch on that stuff but that’s the easy part.

I will focus 90% of my energy on what truly matters to ensure your success.

If you are ready for that … you should join us.

If you know that’s what you need … you should join us.

But, please do so with the understanding that this is not a free ride.

Yes, the challenge is free to join.

But you HAVE to commit and do the work in order to go from a life of disordered eating to enjoying dietary freedom for life.

The training and nutrition … that’s a small piece of it.

The mindset work is where you’ll be challenged the most.

If that scares you … good.

It’s not easy.

If you want easy … don’t join this challenge.

Otherwise … click right here and get yourself registered.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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