How Many Levels of Belief Do YOU Have?

by | Oct 16, 2020

My relationship with food has ruined relationships …

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’m an open book.

It doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m actually pretty quiet and shy.

But, I know my story can help and even if it prevents one person from making all of the mistakes I made … then it’s worth it.

Your relationship with food can affect others

Anyway, I was a speaker last night for a virtual summit on the female athlete and I was sharing some personal details …

I talked about my divorce and the challenges in my life at that time.

What I didn’t mention is that my relationship with food drove a wedge in my marriage.

You see, being obsessed with food doesn’t allow much room for date nights.

Thinking about food 24/7 doesn’t allow much room to be present.

Hating your body doesn’t allow much room to be receptive of love.

There were many reasons why we chose to divorce, however my relationship with food and my body certainly didn’t help.

When I think about the pain it caused to myself and others, it makes me feel immense gratitude for where I am today.

I never thought I’d get here because it’s been anything but smooth sailing.

However, it’s more than worth it.

Which is why I’m so passionate about this concept of dietary freedom.

Getting someone physical results is easy.

There are plenty of programs out there that will slash your calories and tell you to suck it up until you’re lean.

What’s difficult is getting someone physical results sustainably AND giving them the gift of dietary freedom.

It’s the peace of mind that food no longer consumes your thoughts.

It’s the liberating feeling of being able to have date nights, vacations, holiday meals, or ice cream on a Tuesday because fuck it … why not … and having zero guilt or shame about it.

It’s watching someone’s entire world change because they never imagined they could stay lean and fit while still living and loving life.

In order to get there, you need to have 3 levels of belief.

1. You need to believe it’s possible  – (AKA can anyone do it?) This level of belief should be relatively simple because we accomplish this all the time and have hundreds of testimonials and stories to show you it’s possible.

2. Can YOU do it? – Once you believe it’s possible, the second level of belief is believing that you can be the one to accomplish it. The first level can influence the second level. For example, once Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile mark, many others accomplished it shortly after because they previously believed that no one could do it. Once he did, they knew it could be done and they also believed in themselves.

3. Is it worth it??? – This one can only be answered by YOU. Like I said, the journey is never easy  and it’s far from smooth sailing. Is it worth the commitment and sacrifice? Is it worth the setbacks and failures? Is it worth the patience and delayed gratification? Is it worth the TIME, ENERGY, and financial investment? Is it worth all of those things to have the mental freedom that your results will last a lifetime? Is it worth all of those things to have the physical results you’ve been chasing for YEARS in addition to a loving relationship with food and your body?

Only you can answer those questions.

Most people get hung up on belief levels 2 and 3.

After failing so many diets in my life, I stopped believing it was possible for me to be successful.

Until I learned it was the vehicle that was flawed.

I was able to shift my belief when I realized that I needed a plan and process that was built for my individual needs.

The third level of belief was easy …

Of course it was worth it.

When you’ve experienced as much pain as I have through doing things the wrong way for so long … it’s not even a question.

It was worth every single struggle, hardship, setback, and utter frustration.

Because food no longer controls me. Food no longer occupies my mental energy. Food no longer adds stress to my life. Food no longer impacts my relationships (other than enhancing them). Food is now an ally. Food allows me to thrive physically and mentally.

It can be done. YOU can absolutely do it …

Is it worth it??

You tell me 🙂

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