Sustainability Wins Over the “Magic Pill”

by | Aug 21, 2020

I am looking for 10 people who want to lose 10 lbs. over the next 2 weeks!

It’s part of my brand new program that is guaranteed to help you lose weight FAST!

It’s called Project Power.

If you’re not familiar, Project Power is an incredible pill that turns you into a super human with abilities that you never dreamed possible.

You still with me?

Project Power is actually the #1 movie on Netflix right now and there happens to be a lot that we can learn from it.

Sustainability vs. the “magic pill”

At this point, hopefully you know I’m joking about the 10 lbs. in 2 weeks and losing weight fast. You should know I believe in SUSTAINABILITY.

Anyway, movies like Project Power and Limitless do well for one simple reason … humans fantasize over the magic pill that will give them everything their hearts desire.

I mean, it’s tempting AF to think about.

One little pill and you’ve got the world in your palm.

What if that pill existed for your fitness goals?

What if you could take a pill and immediately have the body of your dreams?

No training necessary.

You could eat whatever you want.

And, you’d look exactly how you want.

Would you take it?

It’s tempting, right?

This is the temptation that is placed in front of your face every single day by the diet industry.

Like my headline … lose 10 lbs. in 2 weeks.

Lose fat fast!

Melt stubborn fat in 30 days or less!

Over and over and over again.

Most of us take the bait.

Hell, most of us take the bait more times than we’d care to admit.

We know it’s too good to be true. We know from experience the results won’t last. We know we’ll feel like shit.

Yet, we take the bait.

Success comes from rewarding WORK

Here’s the thing … that pill I mentioned … you actually wouldn’t take it.

You might think you want to take it but here’s what you may be overlooking …

The reason fitness is a fulfilling endeavor is because of the WORK it takes.

It’s challenging. It’s never ending. It’s a constant battle of you vs. you.

That makes it REWARDING.

The pill would give you an instant gratification.

Which would last about a week … if that.

Followed by an epic crash.

The realization that you’re not any happier. No more fulfilled. Life is exactly the same as it was before you took that pill.

Because you didn’t learn or accomplish anything by taking it.

Want to know why Mario was a smashing hit as a video game?

It’s because it was HARD.

You had to FAIL, LEARN, and ADAPT before you could SUCCEED.

Beating a level was rewarding AF because you had to work for it.

Imagine if Mario had no enemies to beat. No turtles, no jumps to make, no fire to dodge … nothing.

Just a straight walk from start to finish.

No one would play.

That’s the equivalent of the magic pill.

A meaningless transport to an end result that is empty and hollow.

Take the path that challenges you.

Take the path that forces you to fail, learn, and adapt.

Take the path that comes with growth and fulfillment.

You don’t need the pill.

You just need to decide, commit, and never stop trying.

So … you ready to throw the pill in the trash?

Are you ready to stop buying into the false promises of quick results and instant gratification?

Cool, me too.

Let’s walk this road together. It’s more fun and more rewarding anyway.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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