How to Get Your Leanest Body THIS Year

by | Jan 13, 2023

Here’s how to cut the bullshit and get to your leanest body THIS YEAR.

I’m always hesitant to talk about this because I feel like it’s what everyone wants, but is often pursued in the most backwards way possible.

That’s why I qualified it with … “cut the bullshit.”

Anyway, if you want to get your leanest body, look better naked, and feel more confident and comfortable in your clothes …

There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel bad for having big goals.

It’s also very doable and sustainable.

It IS possible to get your leanest body THIS year.

It may not feel like it because you’ve probably been on this journey for a long ass time (like years or decades) and have been mostly frustrated with the lack of results but that’s about to change.

Let’s first address what NOT to do …

Don’t make this a numbers game.

I know that you want this to be a simple equation. If I eat X amount of calories, I’ll lose Y pounds per week.

Sorry. It doesn’t work that way.

The one thing that you can confidently bank in the back of your mind is this …

My body and my metabolism are more dynamic than a static formula.

Don’t be fooled with programs who try to hide that concept behind a dressed up protocol.

For example, Optavia says you don’t count calories but they still make it a numbers game by allocating approximately 800-1200 calories per day to each person.

Of course you’ll lose weight. But you’ll also lose muscle, look skinny fat, and wreck your metabolism before gaining the weight back.

I guess I should’ve qualified my statement even further …

Here’s how to cut the bullshit and get to your leanest body THIS YEAR while also being able to maintain it in a healthy manner.

Ok, now we’re onto something.

If we want to make that happen, we need to make sure that your metabolism is functioning properly.

More directly put … your metabolism should be primed to burn fat. We want to send a couple of signals to your body …

1. Safety
2. Burn fat

Let’s break down both of those signals.

The safety signal is basically the opposite of the stress signal.

An overly stressed body will not be a lean body for very long.

It can be for a short period of time but again, we’re looking for sustainability and health.

There’s a quantity and quality side to the safety signal.

So … let’s look at the quantity side of the safety signal.

You want to eat enough calories to support your own individual needs.

Like what kind of needs?

Your daily movement, training, proper recovery, sleep, hormone function, digestion, immune system, reproductive system, brain function, etc.

How do you know if those things are out of whack?

Your body tells you.

Are you hungry all the time? Do you have intense cravings? Are you always sore from training? Do you sleep like shit? Do you get sick too easily? Are you experiencing brain fog? Are you bloated and gassy? Are you waking up to pee many times per night? If you’re a woman, do you have irregular cycles? If you’re a man, did you lose your morning wood?

All red flags that the safety signal is not being sent.

Earlier I said this is not a numbers game in terms of calories in vs calories out. But now I’m saying eat enough to send the safety signal.

So what gives?

Pretty simple, actually. You do need to eat enough but your body is not a static formula so calories do play a role. It’s just not the only thing that matters.

We also need to send the safety signal through quality as well.

Like what types of foods are you eating and are they the right foods for YOU?

Rather than getting into the specifics of what foods make each person feel their best (since that is something that is better suited for a 1:1 coaching program), let’s keep it really simple …

Are you eating MOSTLY unprocessed, whole foods with well balanced meals that help to keep blood sugar stable throughout the day?

The last part of the safety signal is movement and stress mitigation.

Go for walks daily. Try to get outside first thing in the morning (even if just for a few minutes). Prioritize sleep / a wind down routine. Practice self care in a way that works for you (reading, meditating, deep breathing, journaling, listening to music, laughing, playing, etc).

If you do all of these things consistently, your body will not feel threatened. It won’t go into preservation mode where it fights to hold onto body fat.

You’ll feel better internally. You’ll notice more energy, more strength, better recovery, better sleep, balanced mood, clear thoughts, better sex drive, and less bloat / inflammation.

Get your leanest body by learning how to tell your body it’s okay to burn fat.

This allows you to really drive home signal 2 … burn fat.

This is kind of a 4 step system. Consider everything above step 1. Without the safety signal, the burn fat signal will not be optimal.

Then there’s the muscle-forward metabolic approach.

Simply put, you want your body to prioritize your muscle which keeps your metabolism tapping into body fat stores.

You should be following a strength training program that is designed for progression over time.

If you’ve ever done one of JK’s workouts, you know exactly what I mean.

A minimum of 2-3 days per week (with a max of 5 days per week) is ideal.

Most people think that more is better. It’s not. Better is better. We want to be fresh and well recovered to attack each workout.

The 3rd part of the burn fat signal is your non exercise activity.

How much are you moving throughout the day?

Movement and nutrition to sustain results and optimize health

The goal doesn’t have to be 10,000 steps but it’s a really solid baseline to work with.

It’s also really beneficial to have periods of time where you overshoot that number (more on this in just a second).

Lastly, we want to use nutritional phases to sustain our results while optimizing health.

That means having active fat loss phases in chunks (like 8-16 weeks) with periods of maintaining and practicing flexibility.

During the active fat loss phases, it’s important we still remember the 2 primary signals to make this a reality.

Safety and fat burning.

You cannot simply push the gas pedal as hard as you can for an extended period of time and expect your car (aka your body) to function well and respond the way you want it to.

Which is why I recommend overshooting your step goal during the active fat loss phases instead of immediately reducing calories.

12-15k steps during your fat loss phases can help because it’s an activity that doesn’t increase recovery demands so we keep the safety signal intact and with a consistent strength training program, we keep the fat burning signal firing as well.

Keep in mind, if you’re adding in cardio, it WILL increase your recovery demands.

So I would use added cardio towards the latter part of your active fat loss phase.

It’s ok to do cardio consistently. We just have to understand the added requirements for recovery to ensure we’re not veering away from the safety signal in the body.

If all you did was nail down the quality side of your nutrition, walked more, trained 3-4x/week, and prioritized stress mitigation and sleep …

You’d see changes in 1 year that you didn’t believe were possible.

Get your leanest body by following the proper phases.

If you understand how to implement this in proper phases and know what your body is communicating back to you about how things are working and what needs to be adjusted …

You’ll easily achieve your leanest body this year and won’t feel the need to fall for bullshit programs that don’t work.

And yes, this works for anyone. I don’t care if you’re someone like myself who has an autoimmune condition and gut health issues.

In fact, I’m currently doing this right now and I’m not in an active fat loss phase but I’m still getting leaner.

The two major things that throw a wrench in all of this …

1. Your mind
2. Your metabolism

Your mind because it’s easy to self sabotage. It’s easy to have poor coping mechanisms for stress and negative emotions. It’s easy to allow your self limiting beliefs to get in the way. It’s easy to default back to your old brain wiring. It’s easy to want to rush the process or get captivated by your neighbor who did a fad diet and lost weight quickly.

Your metabolism because it’s easy to push too hard. It’s easy to overly stress your body and to want to restrict and deprive yourself. It’s easy to do extreme shit and to lose sight of your hormone health and gut health.

Your mindset and metabolism matter!

And this is why you hear me primarily talk about these two things … your mindset (your identity, your beliefs, the reasons you self sabotage, etc.) and your metabolism (including hormone health, gut health, safety signaling, etc).

I prefer to take all of the guesswork out of the equation.

I don’t want you to be left to your own devices, the same way I don’t want to be left to my own devices.

Which is why I say that the most sure-fire path to achieving your leanest body ever is through our 1 on 1 coaching program.

Full disclosure, we are about to close enrollment for a while (likely a month or longer).

So if you want to ensure that this is the year you finally get the body you desire with the knowledge and understanding of how to maintain it …

And you want us to help you prime your metabolism so it feels safe AND consistently burns fat off your frame …

Now would be the time.

We’ll also help you to find the foods that work best for you based on your personality and individual needs.

And will be able to tell exactly what your body responds best to so we can adjust things as needed.

Finally, we’ll walk you through the phases required to optimize your results and allow for freedom and flexibility through the process so you can still live your life while accomplishing the results you’ve been wanting for so long.

If you join our 12 month program, we guarantee the results. You can also choose the 6 month option.

Either way, if you want this to be your year …

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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