How to Have a Drink and Still Stay On Track

by | Oct 5, 2022

It’s only Wednesday … anyone feel like they need a drink already?

It’s not uncommon to unwind with a glass of wine or have a drink to take the edge off.

And there’s nothing wrong with doing that either (for the most part).

However, I see two major mistakes when it comes to incorporating alcohol or even meals out or vacations.

Essentially, anything outside of the bubble of perfectly executed macro tracking (which, by the way, isn’t healthy).

Actually, screw the parentheses, this point needs it’s own emphatic line …

Missing out on life for the sake of hitting your nutrition plan perfectly is NOT healthy.

Cool, now that that’s out of the way …

The first mistake when it comes to incorporating alcohol, dining out, vacations, etc. is trying to eliminate them altogether.

I saw a post yesterday that basically said … suck it up and cut back on alcohol to one drink per week.

That can work for some but is it actually going to be effective??

Maybe. Maybe not.

There may be instances where having that second or third drink during the week is exactly what you need to stay on track and actually enjoy the process.

I’m not condoning you drink more lol. I’m just saying, as someone who enjoys the occasional drink and would never listen to anyone who told me that I can’t have more than one drink per week …

I get it.

And I’m able to stay pretty damn lean year round while averaging more than one drink per week.

The second mistake I often see is the other end of the spectrum.


I’m not willing to cut back on alcohol at all. I’m not willing to reduce the amount of meals that I eat that aren’t cooked by me. I’m not willing to make any changes when it comes to my food quality.

Valid choice.

But it’s also a choice that means you forfeit the right to complain about not seeing progress.

If you’re ok with that trade off … keep doing you.

As with most things, the answer often lies in the middle.

Every single person has a level of flexibility that they can enjoy while still being able to make progress.

Part of that equation is the hand you were dealt. It’s purely genetics.

An even larger part of that equation is what you do to increase your flexibility ability.

Yes, you can take steps to increase the amount of alcohol you can drink, food you can consume, vacations you can take … all without derailing your progress.

I used to be someone who would gain 10 lbs. on vacation every time. Without fail.

Ironically, I would try to deprive myself on vacation and I’d still gain a bunch of weight.

Now, I eat and drink very freely on vacation and sometimes come home even lighter.

Mel and I recently got back from a trip to Greece for 8 nights.

We drank every single day.

Mel came home and was the exact same weight as when she left.

So it’s not only possible for a 190 lb. man. But also for a 113 lb. woman.


Because we have taken, and continue to take, the necessary steps to improve our flexibility ability.

I don’t mean flexibility like being able to touch my toes. Because I def can’t do that shit.

I mean flexibility in the sense of eating and drinking more freely while still being able to progress or maintain.

How to maintain flexibility in your plan so you can still enjoy a drink now and then

Here’s the quick and dirty formula …

– Prime your metabolism
– Build more muscle
– Lift heavy
– Walk more
– Live in maintenance most of the time
– Don’t cut calories too much or too often

Think about how most people approach this ass backwards.

What’s your immediate thought when you have a vacation on the calendar? Or a social event? Or a higher-than-normal calorie meal?

You probably think … shit, I need to get leaner for this vacation. I need to save up calories for this night or this meal.

Am I right or am I right?

Add that to the fact that most people are trying to diet most of the year, and you get a recipe for disaster.

You are literally priming your body to be a sponge with body fat gain.

Sure, let’s reduce calories even more to add on to the calorie reduction we’ve been trying since January and just kick our metabolism right in the balls.

You probably don’t even know what your true maintenance is.

You probably haven’t spent any time building your metabolism, focusing on adding muscle, or removing the desire to always be pursuing fat loss.

So you’ve got a slower metabolism and a body that is just waiting for excess energy to come in so it can store it to protect you.

And those 5 lbs. you lost before vacation come back with a vengeance.

Sound familiar?

That used to be my reality too.

The new way is more fun.

Being able to eat freely and have more than one drink per week while staying lean is pretty awesome.

One thing we’re able to do with our 1 on 1 clients is give them an exact idea of how much they can drink and dine out without it impacting their results.

Then, we help them improve their flexibility ability by priming their metabolism which often leads to dropping body fat while actually eating more.

It helps to have a plan that’s designed for your specific Neurotype because it’ll be easier to stay consistent and we can give recommendations on foods and macro ratios that will help you feel your best and mitigate stress.

This is the reason why our 6 month, 1 on 1 coaching program produces predictable and repeatable results to the tune of 20-30 lbs. of fat loss, on average, in those 6 months.

The coolest part for me is that our clients learn how to enjoy life and still do all the things they want to do with regards to drinking, family dinners, vacations, social events, etc.

It’s meaningful because I used to believe that all of that had to be put on hold and most of our clients come to us with that belief as well.

I love shattering that belief and giving them the lifestyle they want with the results that have been eluding them for decades.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then I suggest you read more about the exact process we take with each individual.

We hold nothing back in giving you the blueprint that works every damn time.

You can read our exact process: HERE.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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