How to Make Fat Loss Simple and Easy

by | Aug 24, 2022

Did you know that fat loss can happen so easily it’ll feel like magic and it only takes one simple adjustment?

When I was younger, we used to go to Coronado every year because my grandfather had a place there.

It’s a little peninsula right outside of San Diego.

He discovered the area when he was in the Navy and fell in love.

It was like a second home from the time I was born until I was about 16 or 17.

Each year, we would go to an area in San Diego called Seaport Village which has a bunch of shops and restaurants right on the water.

As a kid, there was one store, in particular, that I couldn’t wait to visit …

The magic store.

I would pick out a couple of tricks that looked cool and then I would perform them for my family.

I was absolutely terrible but at least they humored me and pretended to be impressed.

What I quickly learned was that the key to a successful magic trick was manipulating the attention of your audience.

For example, get them to look in one direction so you can execute the trick without them noticing.

Also known as sleight of hand.

So, I would practice palming cards, picking up multiple cards and making it look like one, and various other methods of “look over here,” when the real trick was being performed elsewhere.

I never got very good … mainly because I’m a 2A and we lose interest in things pretty quickly lol.

But understanding the concepts of magic are very relevant when it comes to success with your fitness goals.

Most of us place all of our attention on what we need to do to lose weight.

We obsessively look at calories and exercise and we stare at the details that drive fat loss.

However, it’s a classic sleight of hand trick.

The real magic is happening elsewhere.

Consider this … how many diets have you tried in your life?

Over the past 10+ years alone, I can count 20 different programs / diets that I’ve tried.

And here’s the crazy part … I lost weight on every single one.

That’s right … they all “worked.”

However, there’s one major problem … none of them worked long term.

20 diets. 20 times I lost weight. 20 times I gained it back. Many times I gained back more weight than I started with.

Each time the weight came back, I had the same thought …

Ok, I need to find another diet that actually works.

It’s a classic “look over here” magic trick.

The real secret is happening away from the diet.

But our attention is constantly being manipulated to focus on the diet itself.

Do you see the problem here?

I was never going to be successful until I made this one simple adjustment.

Stop spending so much time, energy, and effort on the next diet …

Start spending the majority of my time, energy, and effort on everything outside of the next diet.

What I mean is this …

The fat loss that occurs from a diet is the equivalent of the big reveal in a magic trick.

It can only be successful if the trick is set up and executed properly.

Which means you need to lay down the proper groundwork first.

90% of the trick is accomplished before the big reveal.

The final 10% is just for show and theatrics.

Yet, we ONLY focus on the 10% when it comes to our fitness goals.

We want the big reveal without setting up the trick properly.

This one reframe will change your life.

Start putting the majority of your resources into the set up.

We call our set up process Metabolic Priming.

This is where we get our clients focused on the habits that will serve them for life.

This is where we make sure our clients are eating enough to support their activity, lifestyle, and proper recovery.

This is where we make sure our clients are not being derailed by too much stress.

This is where our clients notice improvements in body composition while eating more and taking their foot off the gas pedal.

Is this phase of our process magic?

It’s actually basic physiology but it often feels like magic because it’s counter to what most programs do.

Again, most programs are using a sleight of hand trick to make you think that eating less and moving more is the big secret.

When in reality, by focusing most of your attention there, you’ll end up with a short term result.

I’m sure you’ve already experienced that for yourself.

Diet works temporarily. You eventually fall off. You gain the weight back. And you start looking for the next diet.

Nothing will change until you stop falling for the “look over here” part of the trick.

The big reveal won’t be successful until you prioritize the set up for fat loss.

Once our clients go through a Metabolic Priming phase, they watch fat loss happen with ease.

Which is especially rewarding because most of our clients come to us feeling like they’re stuck and frustrated.

So once that happens, it unlocks so much belief and confidence.

Coach Ashley just recently had a client, Dee, who graduated from coaching.

She went through a successful Metabolic Priming phase, then quickly and efficiently lost the body fat she wanted to lose, and had all of the knowledge and understanding on how to maintain her results for life.


Not really.

Simply focusing on what truly matters.

Bottom line is this …

Keep obsessing over the diet itself and you’ll always end up with temporary results.

Start focusing on everything outside of the dieting phase and you’ll end up with permanent results.

The same reframe should be applied to allocating resources for coaching.

Most people think they need a coach to execute the dieting phase.

In reality, most people need a coach to properly SET UP the dieting phase.

Don’t get me wrong, accountability is important at all times.

But you’ve dieted successfully many times before in your life.

That’s not where you need the most guidance and support.

You need the most guidance and support in getting your attention away from the next diet and onto what truly moves the needle.

If you want to know how to create permanent and predictable results with guaranteed success …

Look no further than our coaching program.

We start with your Neurotype to understand what you’ll respond to the best. Then, we execute our Metabolic Priming phase so that we can create “the big reveal” that will actually last. And finally, we implement our Lifestyle Integration phase so you know how to live with your results forever.

This is all accomplished in our 6 month coaching program which produces an average of 20-30 lbs. of fat loss for our clients while teaching them how to maintain it so they never need another diet or program again.

Keep in mind that range is an average. We have some clients who lose more and we also have some clients who go from lean to leaner.

The process works because it’s rooted in the psychology of behavior change and the physiology of metabolic support.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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