Is Your Language Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?

by | Dec 7, 2022

The color blue does not exist. Care to debate me on this?

I’m not joking about the color blue debate. I’m being serious. Seems like an open and shut case, right?

I’m looking at a screen with all sorts of blue buttons. I can look out my window and see a blue sky.

So what’s the debate?

Well, there’s a tribe in Namibia called the Himba tribe that speaks a langue that doesn’t have a word for the color blue and no distinction between blue and green.

Therefore, they can’t visually see and identify any difference between the two colors.

To them, the color blue does not exist. There’s no word for it and they can’t see it.

So is your conclusion that they are wrong and we are right?

Or … can we conclude that it depends?

I find this fact to be valuable in helping us understand our shortcomings.

What I mean is this … our language determines a lot.

Like our ability to see the difference between the color blue and the color green or to see no difference between the two.

Our language also determines our behaviors and actions.

“Nutrition is really hard for me.”

Do you believe that to be true? If so, nutrition will always be hard for you because you’ve labeled it and placed yourself in a prison with your words.

“I’m ready to get started because I’m really motivated to make a change.”

Seems like a positive thing, right?

Or is it simply perpetuating the idea that you only take action when you’re motivated? That you make a change when you’re motivated and you do nothing when you’re not motivated?

Then, you find yourself stuck in an all or nothing cycle and can’t figure out why.

Check your language.

“I need to find something that’s a lifestyle approach that I can stick with.”

Again, seems positive. But the thing you’re looking for cannot be found. It can only be created. It can only be created because it’s not out there. It’s in here. Meaning, it’s in you.

The components of YOUR lifestyle approach are yours and yours only.

A quality coach won’t help you “find” a way of doing things. A quality coach will help you CREATE the best way of doing things based on you. Which is why I always say that YOU need to be an active participant and not a passive recipient.

“I’ve tried so much in the past and I feel like nothing ever works for me.”

What do you think you’ll seek out using that language?

My guess is you’ll continue to find things that don’t work for you. Because you’re still taking the stance of something external that needs to be found or discovered.

Rather than something that can be built and created.

Imagine if we didn’t have a word for failure. Or what if the definition of failure was about learning and adapting.

How would your perception change? How would your actions change after a failure?

I always pay close attention to the language people use when communicating about their goals.

“I would do anything to make this happen.”

Then why aren’t you?

“I put everyone else’s needs before mine and I’m ready to finally prioritize myself.”

Then why isn’t that already happening?

We often say these things because the anticipation of them actually becoming a reality feels good.

But the key is that you’re anticipating them being true … you’re not actually making them true.

If you would do anything to make it happen, then why haven’t you recaptured and reallocated your resources to spend $4 per day to join our coaching program?

If you are ready to put your needs first then why haven’t you already invested in yourself and made a long term commitment to achieving your goals?

It feels good to anticipate the things that we want but actually making it happen is a much different story.

We love to use anticipatory language.

I’m ready to …

I want to …

I’m going to …

What about … I AM.

I’m putting myself first.

I’m investing in myself.

I’m doing whatever it takes to make this happen.

I’m creating my lifestyle solution.

I’m committed to the long game.

I’m figuring out what works best for me.

I’m working with a coach because I know the importance of accountability and expert guidance.

Your language is a reflection of your beliefs.

Your beliefs determine the words you use. The words you use determine your actions.

The beliefs you have right now are simply a result of everything that has entered your mind up until now.

The good news is … you can fill your mind with whatever you want. You can change your beliefs which will change your language which will change your actions.

Every single choice you make is either a fear choice or a love choice.

Continuing to put yourself last is a fear choice.

Waiting to be motivated to take action is a fear choice.

Doing it on your own is a fear choice.

Investing in yourself is a love choice.

Committing and following through on promises you make to yourself is a love choice.

Getting help is a love choice.

Fear or love?

What’ll it be?

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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