Let This Be Your Wake Up Call: It’s Time to Change!

by | Jun 21, 2021

Think about the message you are sending to your body.

Let me take it one step further …

Think about the message you are sending to your kids.

No, I’m not talking about the message you’re sending when you chronically under eat, restrict, and deprive yourself.

I talk about that all the damn time so you should already have a strong grasp on why that’s so damaging.

Wake up call … what message are you sending yourself?

I’m talking about the message you’re sending when you don’t make a change.

The message you’re sending when you don’t prioritize yourself.

The message you’re sending when you don’t invest in yourself.

The message you’re sending when you don’t commit to yourself.

Because here’s the truth …

You’re choosing the pain of your current situation and telling yourself that you are at the bottom of your own priority list.

You say you’re always stressed and thinking about food.

You say you’re uncomfortable in your own skin.

You say you’re insecure when you try on new clothes.

You say you’re tired of not being where you want to be physically.

You say you just want to make all of the disordered thoughts about food and your body to go away forever.

You say all of those things …

And yet when the time comes to get uncomfortable …

To make an investment in yourself …

To commit to a change …

You lie to yourself.

You lie to yourself that it’s not the right time.

You lie to yourself that you can’t spend the money.

You lie to yourself that it won’t work for you.

Life is full of narratives and stories.

How about trying the truth on for size?

Each time you avoid making that decision that would fundamentally change your life …

You are expressing a clear and concise message to your entire being …

I’m not worthy. I’m not a priority.

The mental stress, lack of confidence, and down right pain I’m experiencing isn’t important enough.

Don’t believe me?

Well check this …

I spoke with someone yesterday who had a call with me 6 months ago and decided at that time not to move forward with our program.

Yesterday on our call, she said that her struggle has only gotten worse and all she could think about was how much further along she’d be if she joined 6 months ago.

Wake up call: What happens if you don’t make a change and another 6 months go by?

Or another 6 years.

Still don’t think the investment is worth it?

Let’s try this on for size …

What if your child was feeling the way that you are feeling?

What if your kid came to you and said … “Mommy, I can’t stop thinking about food. I’m always agonizing over what to eat. I’m experiencing a lot of mental stress and it’s preventing me from enjoying life.”

Would you do whatever it takes to find a solution?

Of course you would.

Could you put a price on what it’s worth to solve those problems for your child?

Of course not.

And, if you had tried several solutions and nothing worked, would you stop trying?

Of course not. You’d learn why those other solutions didn’t work and you’d use that info to make more informed decisions for the next solution.

Imagine telling your kid … hey, I know you’re struggling right now but it’s just not the right time to get you help.

Yeah sorry, I know it sucks but it’s just not in the budget right now.

THAT is the message you’re sending to yourself.

What about the fact that you know that prioritizing yourself will allow you to show up better for those you care most about.

Still not worth it?

Can you start to see how these narratives you send yourself each day you choose to stay the same are COSTING you way more than any dollar amount?

Look, you may think I’m an asshole or insensitive about your current situation.

The truth is … I’m just not going to allow you to believe your own bullshit.

Because I did that to myself for too fuckin long and it cost me more time, money, and stress than I can even fully process.

Life is short.

Make the scary decision.

Here’s your wake up call: It’s supposed to be uncomfortable.

It’s supposed to stretch you.

It’s supposed to challenge you.

That’s how you know it’s worth it.

Here’s another undeniable truth …

There will never, in the history of ever, be a better time than right now to make a change.

This is literally the best moment you’ll ever get to make the investment in yourself. To make the commitment to yourself.

This is it. The best opportunity.

Because every minute you wait. Every day you wait. Every month you wait …

Is another minute, another day, and another month of choosing your current situation over change.

Of choosing to sit in your current pain.

NOW is the best time to make a change.

Time flies and I don’t want you to be like me where you wake up in 10 years and realize that you didn’t have to let this happen.

I wish someone gave me this wake up call when I was younger.

So, I’m giving it to you.

If it offends you … it’s probably a sign you need to hear it.

And, just know, it’s said with the ultimate amount of love.

Because I know you deserve better.

You’ve got the solution you’ve been waiting your whole life for sitting right under your nose …

You just need the courage to go get it.

And, I’m right here waiting.

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