Low Carb May Be Wrecking Your Metabolism

by | Mar 19, 2021

Going low carb may be destroying your metabolism (and your mood).

There are certain diet trends that seemingly get recycled and repackaged every few years.

Low carb is definitely one of them.

Before I get the inevitable message that says, “I felt great on low carb! What are you talking about, you jackass!”

Let me clarify that there IS a time and place for eating lower carbohydrates.

I’m simply explaining why it’s not THE solution (ya know, it’s almost like we should understand individual context).

There have been about 99 different fad diets that all preach the low carb lifestyle.

And, they are all fundamentally flawed.


Because restricting carbs may be destroying your metabolism and making you cranky AF. And, nobody likes to be cranky AF with a wrecked metabolism.

So, let’s dive a little deeper and see why this happens …

How can eating low carb affect your metabolism?

Carbs are the preferred fuel source of the body and brain. At every moment of every day, we are running on a combination of fats and carbs (at differing levels).

The only exception is when alcohol is present.

So, if we remove or reduce carbs, doesn’t that mean we’d be running more on fats and thus burning and losing more body fat??

Using more fat as fuel … yes. Losing more body fat … no.

If I don’t keep my calories in check, then I may end up gaining more fat on a low carb plan.

In order to store carbs as body fat, there’s a conversion that needs to take place. Whereas with fat … it’s already fat. So, it’s easier to store as fat.

Not to mention, there is no advantage to using more fat as fuel. It can actually hurt you.

Carbs provide necessary fuel for more intense activities.

So, if you want to perform well in the gym … carbs are bae.

If you have a demanding job … carbs are bae.

If you want to recover from your training and build muscle … carbs are bae.

Or, if you have stress in your life … carbs are bae.

If you struggle with sleep or work night shift … carbs are bae.

When you restrict carbs, you’re taking away some important ingredients from your metabolism.

1. A super helpful fuel source
2. Thyroid support (bye bye metabolic rate)
3. Stress reduction / the shut-off valve to cortisol (insulin)
4. The most anabolic hormone you produce (IGF-1)
5. The mood balancing neurotransmitter (serotonin)
6. Part of the building blocks for your muscles (glycogen)
7. A delicious food group

What about the whole ‘carbs increase insulin’ theory?

First of all, insulin isn’t inherently bad. Just like cortisol isn’t inherently bad. In fact, they’re both really freakin’ important for health and body composition.

Over consuming carbs or avoiding well-balanced meals can create insulin issues. Just like under consuming carbs can create cortisol and thyroid issues.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Eat carbs as part of a well balanced diet and use them for energy, recovery, stress reduction, sleep, and because you love them.

You know what’s not a carb? A cookie. Cake. Donuts. Ice cream.

That’s what most people think of. Those foods are carbs and fats.

Carbs are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, oats, rice, potatoes, etc.

Yes, even breads and pastas are fine.

Look, it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

You can restrict carbs and increase your stress levels, test your willpower, slow down your metabolism, reduce your ability to recover, and increase your crankiness.

Or, you don’t have to. It’s totally up to you.

When considering how many carbs YOU, as an individual, should be eating …

We look at the following:

-Your lifestyle (the more active you are, the more carbs you should be consuming)
-Your training (the more intense and frequent, the more carbs)
-Your job (the more physically demanding, the more carbs)
-Your stress (more stress, more carbs)
-Your personality (the lower your serotonin and/or GABA, the more carbs)
-Your personal preference (you should actually eat what you enjoy. Shocking, I know.)

This is why we’re able to create so much success with our 1:1 clients in our 6 month coaching program.

A less restrictive option than a low carb diet

We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all template. We provide the exact macro breakdown that optimizes how our clients feel, perform, recover, and progress physically.

We prime their metabolism so they lose body fat while eating more and feeling 100x better.

That’s usually the first thing they notice … how much better they feel. Which is a direct result of having food recommendations and a plan that’s built around their brain chemistry which we know from their Neurotype assessment.

Then comes the fun part where we incorporate things they love into the equation like social events, date nights, alcohol, dining out, etc.

They often comment on how it feels like a massive weight is being lifted off their shoulders. To go along with the weight being lifted off their bellies. 😉

We then monitor how their body is responding by looking at daily stress and other biofeedback markers to know exactly what’s working and precisely what needs to be adjusted.

This helps with breaking through plateaus but it also makes the entire process more sustainable because their metabolism stays firing.

It’s not complicated … but it’s damn effective.

It’s why our clients lose on average of 20-30 lbs. in 6 months. But, more importantly, they feel better than ever in their clothes and own skin and completely eliminate any food anxiety or obsession.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, just shoot me a private message on FB.

We’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a fit and then we can get you enrolled right away.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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