Mind Over Macros: The Best Podcast Ever

by | Sep 20, 2022

The best criticism I’ve ever received.

Yesterday I was taking a look at the almost 400 podcast reviews for my show, Mind Over Macros.

Almost all of them were 5 star ratings but there was a recent 1 star review which said …

“This show is just the same few messages repeated over and over again in different ways.”

And my thought was … exactly! You get it!

Apparently to the person writing the review, they considered that a negative.

Which I understand.

However, to me, that’s exactly the point of the show.

With my podcast and everywhere else, my goal is to help you see what truly matters when it comes to nutrition.

To be honest, that’s the point of everything I say or write.

The reason is simple … there are a few key messages that truly matter … and everything else is a distraction.

So I try to find interesting and unique ways to get to the same conclusions.

It’s like a personal trainer who tries to teach clients how to deadlift.

You can’t just give one cue to everyone and be done with it.

Saying “engage your lats” may connect with someone and totally miss on someone else.

The trainer has to communicate the same message in various ways so that everyone eventually understands how to safely and effectively deadlift.

For me, I have to communicate the same message in various ways so that everyone eventually understands how to sustainably and enjoyably achieve the body they desire with total freedom and self confidence in the process.

I want to remove the noise.

Help you avoid chronic dieting. Avoid restrictive protocols that put you in a worse spot in the long run.

Dispel common myths like ‘carbs are bad’ or ‘sugar makes you fat’ or ‘fasted cardio is superior for fat loss‘.

My message isn’t sexy.

Teaching sustainable behavior change that lasts a lifetime isn’t going to make any newspaper headlines.

So yeah … I say the same shit over and over again in different ways.

My best advice for helping you get sustainable results

It’s basically this …

– Stop trying to eat so little all the time.
– Stop killing yourself with a bunch of unnecessary cardio (do the amount of cardio you enjoy).
– Stop living in a calorie deficit 24/7/365.
– Stop removing foods you enjoy.
– Stop avoiding carbs.

– Start eating to support your metabolism.
– Start lifting heavier.
– Start walking more.
– Start recovering more.
– Start paying more attention to stress and sleep.

– Tie it all together with a plan that fits your personality.
– Tie it all together by building a lifestyle you enjoy that supports your goals and allows for the level of freedom and flexibility you want.
– Tie it all together by investing in a coach that can expedite this process for you and change your life.

That’s it.

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Yes, I break down the science behind several of those concepts. Yes, I tell stories with the hopes that my experiences or our clients’ experiences will connect and resonate.

But at the end of the day … it’s the same shit … over and over and over again.

Some people may not approve … like the 1 star review person.

And that’s cool.

Everyone is entitled to their own perspective and opinions.

However, I know that most of us need to hear things A LOT before they finally sink in.

Or maybe I’m projecting because that’s how I am lol.

Maybe it’s because I was too damn stubborn to listen when I was struggling for 10 years with disordered eating and body image issues.

I’m sure that’s the case, but regardless, I’m going to continue to do what’s right.

If you’re down for that, I highly recommend you subscribe to the podcast (this is the iTunes link but you can also search Mind Over Macros on literally any podcast platform).

It’s a fun combination of life, fitness, nutrition, and mindset stuff.

And if you enjoy the show, please help by leaving a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts.

I have some important episodes coming up that I think you’ll enjoy.

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