What More Can I Say About Nutrition?

by | Sep 16, 2022

To quote one of the greatest rappers of all time … “What more can I saaaaay?!”

What more can I say? I’ve said it all before!

It’s hard to argue that Jay-Z is one of the best to ever do it considering his longevity in the industry, consistency, and influence.

But that’s not the point of this message. Although I’m more than happy to write about hip-hop legends any time 😉

Jay-Z has a song on the Black Album titled, “What More Can I Say?”

The basic premise is … he’s told us everything already. What more can he say to us that we don’t already know or haven’t already heard?

And I feel that deep in my soul.

Every single morning I wake up and sit down with a cup of coffee (after my Organifi green juice of course) with my laptop sitting in front of me.

This is my creative time.

The first thought that enters my mind is … ok Mike, let’s try to help one single person today with your words. If one single person reads this and takes even the tiniest of action steps, then you’re doing your job.

And then the next thought is …

But what more can I say?

If you’ve been around for any length of time and read my blogs consistently or listen to my podcast or follow me on IG then you already know.

Here’s what you already know …

You already know to stop dieting all the time.

You already know how to support a strong, healthy, and well-functioning metabolism.

You already know to play the long game and to stop searching for shortcuts.

You already know the process IS the shortcut.

You already know that you can’t restrict and deprive yourself to the finish line.

You already know there is no finish line.

You already know that you have to ditch the all or nothing mindset.

You already know that your personality is the key to unlocking the best approach for you.

You already know that building a strong foundation of healthy habits will serve you for life.

You already know the benefits of walking, lifting, recovery, sleep, stress management, and food quality.

You already know that indecision is the worst decision you can possibly make.

You already know about extreme ownership and not being a victim to your circumstances.

You already know the importance of investing in yourself.

You already know that if all the shit you’ve tried in the past was going to work, it would’ve worked by now.

You already know that simply eating less is rarely the answer.

You already know that self sabotage is rooted in fear of failure.

You already know that changing one thing at a time is more effective than changing everything all at once.

You already know that time and randomness are undefeated so we want to play with them vs. playing against them.

You already know that having guidance and accountability will expedite your results vs. doing it on your own.

You already know that we have the most effective coaching program that continues to produce results predictably and repeatedly for our clients and the only thing getting in your way is your ability to do the scary thing and COMMIT.

“You already know what I’m about, flying birds down south.”

Whoops, sorry, a Jay-Z line from the song snuck in there. Not sure how that happened.

But I often ask myself …

What more can I say?!

To be honest, I don’t know.

But if my goal each day is to help just one single person take the tiniest action step …

Then let’s roll with that.

For today, my challenge to you is this …

Do one single thing that will move you just a little bit further.

Walk for an extra 5 minutes today.

Journal for 5 minutes today.

Eat one extra serving of veggies today.

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water today.

Get to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight.

Lift a little bit heavier today.

Eat protein with every meal today.

Express gratitude to one person today.

Get out in the sun for 10 minutes today.

Listen to a podcast today instead of watching TV (cough, Mind Over Macros, cough).

Pick one thing that you want to start doing or add onto something that you’re already doing.

Zero expectations.

Here’s my challenge to you today …

Think about the fittest, healthiest, most confident version of yourself.

What does THAT person do?

Identify something they do that you currently don’t … and begin to bridge that gap.

That’s it.

That’s my challenge for you today.

Challenge accepted??

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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