Nutrition Coaching Client Challenges and Celebrations

by | Feb 10, 2023

I’m going to do something a little bit different today.

Let me know what you think.

Yesterday, we had our weekly team call and kicked it off with each coach sharing either a client win to celebrate or client challenges that they need help with.

I wanted to share that with you so you can get a glimpse into what we do as a team.

Client Challenges: Undereating and Metabolism Healing

Coach Liz kicked things off by asking for help with a client. This is a male who came to us eating 1300 calories per day. He’s a business owner and extremely busy. Liz worked with him to get his calories up to 2000 per day, which helped him to feel better but he really wanted to lose fat.

This is one of the greatest challenges we have as coaches. When a client is severely under eating but also wants to get leaner. It’s a tough conversation about the road ahead. We try to focus on the positives of eating more like improved energy, mood, better sleep, increased sex drive, etc. But, often times they just want the fat gone.

So, Liz began a cut with him and his body didn’t respond. As a group, we concluded that he never got to a true maintenance to heal his metabolism from how much he was under eating. So, she’s going to work with him to get there. And then when it’s time to cut, we’ll need to implement more frequent refeeds and diet breaks so we don’t jeopardize his metabolic health.

Client Challenges: Binge Eating Episodes

Coach Kortney was up next and shared that she has two separate clients who came to her with binge eating issues. This was particularly tough because neither one of them had much awareness around these tendencies. And as a coach, our job is to guide you to your own conclusions.

Bringing someone from unaware to aware is an art more than a science. Kortney navigated both situations incredibly well and her clients recognized that they had a long history of binge eating.

As of today, they both have gone over 1 month without a single binge episode! Major win.

Client Challenges: Hashimoto’s Disease and Body Composition

Coach Becky was next and asked for some help with a client who was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. We had a great conversation around what we’ve noticed to work best with clients and from personal experience. Coach Liz has Hashimoto’s and has been on her own healing journey for over a year. I also recently found out I have it.

And we’ve been able to help several clients navigate it while improving body composition and feeling their best. We decided that with Coach Becky’s client that it would make sense to begin by eliminating some of the major inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy before going down the full AIP path.

Client Celebrations: Hormone and Gut Health Healing

Coach Ashley was up next and she shared something that was incredibly rewarding to her. She has 4 clients who all have complex hormonal and/or gut health issues that need healing. Oftentimes when the path to healing feels like an uphill battle, it can be tough to commit.

Ashley was really proud that all 4 of her clients put their trust in her and were ready and willing to embark on this journey. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been well worth it. That relationship between client and coach is so important.

Client Celebrations: Alcohol Abuse Recovery and Support

Coach Leah was next and her share almost brought me to tears. Truly one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. She has a client that has been with her for about 1 year. This particular client started with Leah and was abusing alcohol on a daily basis. Some days, she couldn’t get out of bed because she was feeling depressed and unmotivated.

Through their work together and during her time with Leah, she went to rehab, got herself sober, and is now absolutely thriving. She’s down about 20 lbs, but more importantly, has a new zest for life. She’s leading support groups for others that are struggling with alcohol abuse and has really taken control of her own life.

Client Celebrations: New Body Composition Results

Coach JK had another powerful story about a client that came to us who was more advanced. This is someone that has worked with a lot of trainers and coaches in the past. She has been lifting for a long time and tracking macros but wasn’t seeing the results she wanted.

JK got her doing more intentional training and Coach Shelby has helped with her nutrition. Zero dieting. Zero cutting. Nothing crazy. Just simple and effective work. Truly the definition of working smarter, not harder. And the results are showing in her body composition in an amazing way. If you’re advanced, you know how hard it is to see a noticeable change in your physique. So this progress is really special.

Steve actually shared a win about the same client as JK. Because on their enrollment call, this particular individual was VERY skeptical about joining POP. She put her faith in Steve and the team and when Steve messaged her last week about how things were going she said … “it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Coach Celebration: Clients Choosing to Invest in Nutrition Coaching and Themselves

Meghan also shared her pride and excitement for several clients that she helped to enroll who were on the fence about coaching. It’s a life-changing decision that not everyone is ready to make. So it’s massively rewarding when we can guide someone to the decision that will fundamentally transform them mentally and physically and then to hear how grateful they are that they took the leap.

Last but not least was Amy who is the engine that keeps POP running behind the scenes. She offered up her support to all of the coaches and wanted to make sure that they knew she’s always there to make the client experience as smooth as possible. She helped a new client to see the big picture and take advantage of what we offer and it turned a potentially negative situation into a positive.

Well there you have it. This is us. This is what we do.

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