Perfection vs. Consistency – Which is Better?

by | Mar 12, 2020

Trying to be perfect may be killing your results.

Where are my fellow perfectionists at?!


You don’t half ass anything. When you do something, there’s this internal pressure to do it EXACTLY right. There is no gray area.

I know because that’s me too.

Which is part of the reason why every diet failed me. I would follow everything to a TEE until eventually I would crash and burn, and ultimately, have to start back at square one.

Sound familiar?

Well, one of our clients certainly can and she’s been working with us for over a year!

“I started trying to change my diet back in 2017 when I was having triple white mochas each day. I swore I would never count calories.

So, for a year, I bounced between paleo and binging.

Finally, I caved and decided that I needed to track what I was eating.

I did what most people I knew were doing … I restricted. I was proud for being under 1500 calories per day.

I was proud to see some outline of ‘abs,’ but I started to realize that I needed help. I found a group that encouraged me to eat more.

While that relationship was not what I needed, that community led me to Mike. I stalked him on Instagram until I saw he was taking on clients.

I was privileged to get Melanie as my coach. She LISTENED to me. She encouraged me to listen to myself.

If I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t eat. If my performance sucked in the gym, we made adjustments.

We focused on body composition and instead of the starvation stomach, I started to see actual muscles.

This summer, I did my first cut and with Melanie’s guidance, I’ve learned to cut myself some slack, which is huge.

I learned consistency is the goal, not perfection.

I go on vacation, I bake and eat all the cake, and I have date nights. All the things that are important to me, I’m able to do.

Do I sometimes make sacrifices for my goals … yes! But they are my goals and I know I always have the support of Melanie and the POP community!”

This story hits close to home because of my own perfectionist tendencies. The transformation and mental freedom of making the shift to a consistent lifestyle that aligns with your values is a beautiful thing to witness.

We don’t promise a quick fix. We do things in a way that’s sustainable, enjoyable, and transformational.

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