Do you have the right nutrition tools in your tool box?

by | Mar 12, 2020

I kept using a hammer to try to screw in a screw ?‍♂️

When the hammer didn’t work, I tried a saw.

It’s no wonder I wasn’t successful.

Every diet program or strategy is simply a tool.

One of the biggest challenges we face in the fitness industry today is the abundance of information.

How do you sift through the garbage and know what to believe?

The question really isn’t what to believe. The question is how does the information apply to you?

If you understand that each dietary method is a tool, then you can start to assess whether that tool fits in your own personal toolbox.

Let’s say that intermittent fasting is the hammer (since we’re trying to hammer home calories in a shortened feeding window).

Is the hammer something everyone should use? Definitely not.

How do you assess if the hammer makes sense for you?

First, take a look at your schedule. Does the nature of your morning make it easy to skip breakfast? Or, do you like to sit down and enjoy that first meal in the morning?

Then, see how it feels. Do you find yourself hangry at the end of the day? Are you noticing better energy or improved biofeedback?

If nothing else, you’ve added a new tool that can be used when the situation calls for it.

In this analogy, something like tracking macros would be a Swiss army knife since it can apply to a number of different situations. However, it’s still just a tool and does not have universal application.

The best way to visualize the difference between the highly ineffective methods of traditional dieting vs REAL coaching is this …

Most diet programs want you to use their tool and only their tool, regardless of who you are.

Real coaching wants you to develop your own personal toolbox and have the knowledge and understanding of when to use the right tool for the right job based on the context of your life.

Make sense?

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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