How the hell is it already mid-June?

Anyone else have the sudden realization that summer is here, things are reopening, and it’s time to get your shit together? ♂️

Today is day 2 of a 6 week cut that I’m doing.

My coach gave me a little pep talk because lately, I’ve been all over the place when it comes to my nutrition.

Cookies and ice cream have been the norm 🤷‍♂️

Time to define and achieve my goals

Anyway, the fact that I made a clear statement to my coach about what I wanted to accomplish in 6 weeks means I’m more likely to follow through.

I use psychology hacks for myself … not just for my clients.

First hack … writing down your goal on paper increases the likelihood of success by up to 60%.

Second hack … telling that goal to an accountability partner or coach increases the likelihood of success by up to 92% (when combined with writing it down).

If you’ve been frustrated, stressed, and out of sorts with quarantine (lock down, shelter in place, or whatever you wanna call it) … now is not the time to go at it alone.

This is also the time to be very cautious about your decisions.

Summer is when the diet industry starts licking their chops.

Insecurities are high.

The thought of wearing less clothes, being on the beach in a bathing suit, and having to navigate BBQs and a social life can be daunting.

You’ll start to see messages about getting “summer ready” or your “summer body” FAST!

It’ll play to your emotional vulnerability right now.

The reality is that you already have your summer body.

Rather than putting yourself through the ringer, crash dieting, adding more stress and anxiety to your life, then burning the eff out and starting over …

Consider a more effective approach.

Take the time to do things the right way.

Invest in learning your own individual needs so you never have to feel too far off from where you want to be.

There will still be ebbs and flows but you’ll always feel confident that you can tighten things up when you want and be more flexible when you want, depending on the season/phase you’re in.

We don’t promise summer bodies fast … or getting you abs in a month …

We promise FOREVER results.

The rest becomes a byproduct.

And more sustainable.

Come join us and you’ll never look back!