Top 5 Underrated Fat Loss Tips

by | Jun 7, 2021

Everyone loves a good list.

Ever wonder why humans love lists?

No? Just me?

This is the psychological stuff that fascinates me about the human brain.

So, before I unveil my top 5 underrated fat loss tips

I’m going to give you 5 reasons why the human brain is attracted to lists.

That’s right … this is a list about lists …

So meta.

5 reasons why we love lists …

1. Less taxing. Our brain works really hard all the time and tries to cut corners frequently (also known as cognitive biases) in an effort to sort through an overwhelming amount of information. A list is a way to condense an abundance of info and simplify things for our brains.

2. A list is certain. Our brains are always looking for certainty and predictability because we evolved in such a manner that uncertainty and unpredictability was a threat to our survival. A list delivers a “certain” amount of info.

3. FOMO. We hate missing out. Once you see there’s a list … well … you have to know what’s in it!

4. Being right. There’s this powerful little chemical called dopamine that gets released when we’re right or we “win.” That’s why gambling is so addictive. Your first thought when you see a list is to guess the answers and then guess what … that dopamine kick hits different when you’re right. 🙂

5. Differentiator. Our brains are great at recognizing patterns and seeing something that’s different or that doesn’t fit. This is why marketers try to do crazy shit to “stop the scroll” on social media. If you blend in, you won’t get noticed. A list stands out in a crowd and makes our brains go … “Oooh, this is different.”

So there you have it … something that you probably have no interest in and never wanted to know but now you know it because it was delivered in a list lol.

Alright … now let’s get to the real list you care about.

My Top 5 Underrated Fat Loss Tips (in no particular order)

And by the way … I’m assuming that since you follow me that you already know to drink your water, get enough sleep (as much as possible), eat your veggies, and eat enough protein.

Ok let’s go …

1. Walking – the silent assassin. So underrated and overlooked and yet it’s the only activity that simultaneously lowers cortisol and improves insulin sensitivity. You want fat loss? Walk more.

2. Strength training – the metabolic hero. I don’t care what modality you use … just challenge your muscles. Lift heavy shit. Any sort of body composition goal will be infinitely easier with intelligent resistance training. And because of the metabolic benefits …  you get to eat more and stay lean. Nuff said.

3. Rest days – the change maker. This is actually where the magic happens. When you give your body time to repair and recover. Stop pounding your body into the pavement and actually give it an opportunity to do what you want it to do.

4. Refeeds / Diet breaks / Maintenance – the results extender. You want to stall out and burn out quickly? Hit a calorie deficit hard and never give yourself a break. You want results that keep going? Eat at maintenance. Stop dieting all the time. Incorporate plenty of refeeds and diet breaks. Watch the expansion of your success happen.

5. Neurotyping – the missing piece. Nothing creates better results than consistency and lowering stress. And nothing allows for better consistency and less stress than working with your personality type. You want to feel better, recover more effectively, and stay engaged in the process. Neurotyping is a non-negotiable.

What do you think?

Anything you would add or remove?

Any surprises on there?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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