The Consistency Conundrum

by | Apr 19, 2021

What do you need the most right now???

I asked this question all week to over 50 people who have been struggling with reaching their body composition goals and you know what every single one of them said?


Such a beautiful word that has almost become like some mythical being that we know is out there somewhere, we just can’t seem to locate it.

Consistency shows up in all areas of our lives…

We are consistent with work and family.

We’re consistent with routines like showering (hopefully) and getting dressed (at least the top half).

So, why is it so elusive in our nutrition?

100% of the people I spoke to said THEY need to be more consistent.

I followed that up with another simple question …

What are some of the things you tried in the past?

Answers included: keto, low calories, whole 30, Weight Watchers, tracking macros, Isogenix.

Next question …

Do you think that maybe those programs were unsustainable and perhaps you’re not just an inconsistent person?

Well … yeah.

What’s the REAL problem … you or the program?

Some of you may be surprised to see tracking macros in there since it’s a perfectly reasonable tool to utilize.

However, in my experience, most macro tracking programs require perfection, facilitate an all or nothing mindset, and include restrictive protocols or don’t personalize the process at all.

Ok, so you understand the unsustainable nature of most programs out there and realize that you’re not a horrible person for falling off a track that was a shitty track to begin with …

But the question remains …

How do you create consistency that will allow you to ultimately reach your goals?

Well, we can simply look at the fundamental flaws of most programs and avoid those things.

For example…

– The need to be perfect (take perfection off the table right now)
– Calorie restriction (eat enough to support your body and metabolism)
– Food rules (no food is off limits … ever)
– Lack of personalization (follow a plan that suits your personality type, lifestyle, and body)
– Living by the numbers (listen to your body instead and adjust the numbers accordingly)

These are some of the fundamental differences between a cookie cutter program that leaves you feeling like an inconsistent mess …

And a program like the POP Method which leaves you feeling like an empowered badass and wondering why you didn’t join 10 years ago (sorry, I was a chronic dieting jackass 10 years ago lol).

These are also some of the principles that we’ve outlined for the 300 Neurotype Challenge participants.

I’d say it’s working so far!

Check out this message below.

Consistency testimonial

And if you want to learn more and see if you’re a good fit for what we do, simply shoot me a message on FB.

Much love,
Coach Mike

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