The Mount Rushmore of Body Composition

by | Sep 21, 2022

No, I’m not talking about the top 4 most influential physiques. That would be weird.

I’m talking about how to sculpt your own masterpiece.

Sculpting your own masterpiece (aka improving your body composition) is a process.

Do you know how Mount Rushmore was made?

It was not built.

It was carved.

They began with dynamite to remove a bunch of granite rock that wasn’t necessary.

Then, the team of over 400 workers used large chisels to further remove unnecessary rock.

And lastly, some fine carving took place to sculpt the meticulous details like the presidents’ faces.

The whole process took 14 years.

It’s a perfect illustration of how we marvel at things like Mount Rushmore, a massive sculpture that attracts about 2 million visitors per year …

Yet, when we want to create something for ourselves, we lose sight of how these things actually happen.

Achieving your body composition goals takes TIME.

What if the body of your dreams was going to take 14 years to achieve?

What if you had to take some metaphorical dynamite and blow up the major things that aren’t serving you?

What if you had to meticulously remove the tiny, almost unnoticeable habits, behavior patters, or self limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Mount Rushmore had a lead sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, who directed and guided the whole process.

What if you needed a lead sculptor for your own journey? Would you make that investment?

One of the major mistakes I made in my own journey, and let me just say … I’m far from done with the fine sculpting that still needs to happen for myself …

Anyway, one of the biggest mistakes was thinking I always needed to ADD more to what I was doing.

That my goals were built on the back of doing more.

Diet more. Exercise more. Try harder. Do more cardio. Push the gas pedal more.

The reality is … your Mount Rushmore (aka your dream body composition) already exists, it’s simply a matter of removing.

What do you need to REMOVE in order to get the results you want?

You may need to blow up your constant pursuit of fat loss.

You may need to blow up your all or nothing thinking.

You may need to blow up your inability to CTFO.

You may need to blow up certain aspects of your environment that are holding you back.

You may need to chisel away your determination to do everything on your own.

You may need to chisel away the story you keep telling yourself (I can’t be consistent, I can’t be successful, I’m not enough).

You may need to chisel away the automatic behavior patterns that you’ve used for a long ass time as a coping mechanism (like immediately using food or alcohol to fill a void, for stress relief, or as an emotional outlet).

And you may need to continue the fine carving for years and years and years and years.

One of my mentors recently said … “Staying in a bad situation is the same as opting into a new bad situation every day.

Before doing better things, opt out of the bad things.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense to try and push harder on the gas pedal and also refuse to take your foot off the brakes.”


Let that one marinate.

I feel like that is the perfect illustration of how I approached my journey for 10 years of disorderedness …

Punch the gas pedal while simultaneously refuse to step off the brake.

Then, a funny thing happened …

Once I took my foot off the brake, I no longer needed to step on the gas at all.

Faster or more no longer made sense.

I found my zone pace.

And I’ll continue for as long as possible.

14 more years and beyond?

Sign me up.

Maybe it’s just me … but I feel like there’s a profound takeaway from this whole message.

I hope you find it. And I hope you apply it.

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