The Numbers Are Messing With Your Head!

by | Oct 16, 2020

Wouldn’t it be funny to create a numbered list in a message about numbers …

Is that considered meta?

Who knows … but I’m doing it anyway!

Here are the top 5 numbers that are messing with your head:

1. The scale – duh.

This one is obvious so it might as well be the lead off batter. The scale is ONE single data point. Just one. Not the only one. Just one of many.

The scale doesn’t measure body fat. It measures body weight. Big difference. That also includes your bones and water and fat and muscle and all the food that’s digesting in your system.

The scale also doesn’t measure your self-worth.

If you step on the scale each day and it ruins your mood … stop stepping on the scale each day!

The objective is to view the number as information and data. However, if it impacts your emotions, break up with it. Maybe you two need some time apart before you can get back together.

2. Your goal weight – to piggy back off the scale.

Your goal weight is a number that has no meaning … other than the meaning you give it. It’s likely connected to a weight you were in your past that you want to “get back to.”

This is messing with your head for a couple of reasons. It’s causing you to chase a past version of yourself rather than focusing on the present. And, it’s creating frustration because you’re so focused on a finish line that doesn’t really exist.

There’s nothing wrong with having goals … they provide a direction. However, the number itself is subjective and let’s be honest … will it really be good enough?

3. Macros and calories

I’ve talked about this at length and even did a whole podcast episode on it. Shameless plug – search Mind Over Macros – The Dark Side of Macros.

Tracking macros and/or calories is one tool in the toolbox that can be very effective for some people. However, it can also become an obsession.

If you ignore your body for the sake of hitting numbers, then the numbers are controlling you. If you avoid and miss out on life because of the numbers, then the numbers are controlling you.

Just like having a goal, the numbers provide direction. They shouldn’t add stress to your life or drain your mental energy.

Not hitting your macros is NOT “off track.”

4. TIME – the most precious resource we have.

And yet, each attempt to shortcut it actually delays the process.

So, you’ve been doing everything right for 4 months and you’re not seeing the progress you expected … 4 months. Are you planning on doing this for the rest of your life? If so, you don’t allow 4 months to mess with your head.

Think about all the time you’ve spent trying to get quick results. Where did that land you? So, maybe it’s time to buckle up and find your lifelong solution. Maybe it’s time to do this for the process itself and how much better you feel when you make decisions that support your body.

I know the struggle of not being where you want to be and the urgency to “fix it” right away. But, if ripping the band-aid was going to work, it would’ve worked by now.

Find a path where you don’t stress about a deadline or a finish line. You do it for you. You do it because this is who you are.

5. Hours – wait … didn’t we just cover time?

Ok fine, I’m kind of cheating here but I felt like this needed to be separate.

In this metric, I’m talking about how much time we actually spend doing the things we think we should be doing. For example, hours in the gym, hours of meal prep, hours of walking, hours of sleep.

The thought process is typically … well, if I can’t spend at least an hour in the gym, why bother? Or, I just don’t have the time to meal prep for hours each week (it’s me).

There’s no rule that says a workout is only effective if it’s an hour or longer. There’s no rule that says you need to meal prep for hours each week.

Let’s remember these simple facts … 6 hours of sleep is better than 5, 10 minutes of walking is better than 5, 20 minutes of training is better than 0.

Which number of numbers are messing with you the most??

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