The Problem Is NOT What You Think

by | Mar 20, 2021

Here’s what’s NOT the problem …

It’s not your lack of discipline.

It’s not that you have no willpower.

It’s not that your body just doesn’t do well with carbs.

It’s not that you’re unmotivated.

It’s not even your lack of consistency.

So, what IS the problem?

If it’s not discipline, willpower, carbs, motivation, or consistency … then what TF is the problem??

It’s that you keep following plans that CREATE those problems.

Let me give you an example …

When you’re expected to hit your macros perfectly all day, every day … discipline becomes a problem.

It’s not that you lack discipline, it’s that you’re relying solely on it.

When you restrict yourself and deem certain foods as off limits, willpower becomes a problem.

It’s not that you lack willpower, it’s that you’re constantly draining it.

When you chronically under eat and put your body in preservation mode, then over indulge and gain fat, you might think your body doesn’t do well with carbs.

Carbs were never the problem. It’s that your body wants to store energy to keep you alive.

As a side note … most of the foods that you binge on (cookies, cupcakes, donuts, etc.) have more calories from fat than carbs. But, that’s beside the point.

When you sacrifice everything you love in life for the sake of “staying on track,” motivation becomes a problem.

It’s not that you’re unmotivated, it’s that being miserable fuckin sucks.

And, when you keep following someone else’s rules, someone else’s plan, or someone cookie cutter program … consistency becomes a problem.

It’s not that you lack consistency, it’s that you keep trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Here’s how to get lasting results …

In my experience, there are two steps in our process that completely eliminate all of those perceived problems.

We have more than 2 steps in our coaching program but most of those problems above get fixed with just 2.

1. Neurotyping – creating a plan that works with your brain chemistry and nature.

2. Metabolic priming – fueling your metabolism properly so your body feels safe in letting go of unwanted body fat.

It’s amazing what happens when you actually consider your personality and how it relates to the structure of your plan, what keeps you naturally motivated, your behavioral tendencies, your strengths and weaknesses and actually work WITH your nature vs. fighting against it.

It’s also amazing what happens when your body is not in a constant state of deprivation and restriction. Or unpredictable extremes of very low calories followed by over indulgences.

These two simple steps make discipline more abundant, willpower fully charged, feeling your best with food choices, natural motivation, and effortless consistency.

Doesn’t that sound more fun??

Just ask our clients … they’ll tell you what a difference it makes.

I love the especially skeptical ones who swear up and down that nothing has ever worked.

I already know nothing has ever worked and I know exactly why nothing has ever worked.

That makes it more fulfilling and what we do so effective.

Like this recent text I got from our client Amy … “I’m already having breakthroughs with my relationship with food. No binges. And the scale is moving after months and months of a plateau. With no deprivation! WTF?! Thank you for what you and your coaches are doing to help people heal and grow.”

That sums it up way better than I could.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

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