The Single Greatest Shortcut to Reaching Your Goals

by | Oct 17, 2022

I finally discovered the single greatest shortcut to achieving your goals.

For the longest time I’ve been consistently preaching that you have to play the long game if you want to see sustainable results.

I’ve even gone as far as to say that anytime you shortcut the process, you end up making things more difficult on yourself in the long run.

And it’s hard to argue that logic.

Consider all the “shortcuts” that are out there for losing fat

Eat 1200 calories, eliminate carbs, fast all day, Optavia, etc.

These methods are kind of like masturbation …

They may get you a result in the moment, but in the end …

You’re really just fucking yourself.

To get sustainable results, play the long game.

So I don’t blame myself for speaking out against shortcuts and trying to instill the mindset that if you want your results to last …

You gotta play the long game.

That means no fad diets, no poverty macros, no excessive cardio, no crazy fasting protocols, and running as far away from Optavia as possible.

Maybe I should state it like this …

Traditional shortcuts will only make the process more difficult and frustrating in the long run.

Traditionally speaking … the process IS the greatest shortcut.

I still stick by that theory.

However, I truly unlocked one of the only real shortcuts that will expedite your goal achievement.

It has nothing to do with what you’re eating or your workouts or any supplements.

It has nothing to do with some ridiculous challenge that you do for 75 days which only makes things HARDER in the long run.

You ready for the secret?

The greatest shortcut has to do with visualization.

Before you laugh and run away … I’m NOT talking about visualizing the result.

I’m NOT talking about manifestation.

In fact, visualizing the outcome you desire can actually make you less likely to achieve that outcome.

Psychologists discovered that when you visualize the outcome you want, it creates an emotional response as if you already have achieved that result.

And if you already FEEL like you’ve achieved that result … why the fuck would you go through the pain of actually trying to achieve it?

There was a cool study done at UCLA where they had two groups of students getting ready for midterm exams.

One group was told to visualize getting an A on the exam.

They were instructed to picture themselves walking up to the board where grades are posted …

Picture themselves scrolling down the list of names until they find their name on the sheet.

Then scanning across to see their grade and imagining that it says “A.”

The other group of students in the study were given a very different assignment.

They were told to visualize the act of studying.

They were told to visualize themselves in their dorm room, blocking out distractions, and actually studying for the exam.

Guess which group performed better?

Yep … the group that visualized studying for the exam performed significantly better than the group that visualized getting an A.

It makes sense.

Visualize the process and actions required to reach your goals.

If I visualize the A and inside my body it feels as if I’ve already received an A … then why would I study and go through the effort of trying to get an A?? I already have it!

So no … you can’t just picture an outcome and make it magically appear.

Still need more proof?

Ok … close your eyes right now and imagine that you’re opening your banking app on your phone. You tap into your checking account and it says one million dollars.

Now open your eyes.

Did it work?

If it did, just wire me 10% commission ;).

Anyway, the greatest shortcut to goal achievement is what the UCLA students did to perform better on their midterms …

Visualize the process.

Visualize the action steps that will be required to achieve your goals.

The greatest shortcut to achieving your goals includes blocking out distractions and making the right choices.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

You can’t just visualize yourself working out, eating healthy, getting quality sleep, and be set for life.

Because there was a subtle point that you may have missed.

The UCLA students were told to visualize themselves blocking out distractions and still doing what needed to be done.

You see, every pursuit will come with choice points. Friction points. Forks in the road.

There will inevitably be a time where you are forced to make a tough decision.

For example, you find yourself exhausted after a long and stressful day at work.

You come home and you have a decision … do I grab a bag of chips out of the cabinet or do I make a quality dinner?

Do I indulge in some wine to “unwind” or do I go for a walk instead?

These friction points are what truly matter.

This is where the visualization exercise is so powerful.

You can mentally walk through those friction point moments and visualize the decision you’ll make.

You can visualize the words you’ll use.

A lot of us struggle with making quality decisions when we’re around other people. We fear being judged. We fear what others will say if everyone is ordering burgers and fries and we choose some grilled chicken and veggies.

Good thing we have this tool in our toolbox to visualize the moment. To choose our words ahead of time and watch it unfold in our minds.

Visualize the process and visualize the action steps. Visualize the friction points and how you’ll handle them.

THAT is truly the greatest shortcut to reaching your goals.

The question is. .. will you do it??

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