The Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

by | Jan 27, 2022

Often times we get frustrated by the speed at which we are making progress (or lack thereof), especially when we are trying to lose weight.

So, I’ve compiled this list for you so you can turbo charge your results into rapid weight loss.

5 ways to lose weight quickly

1. Get really sick.

The flu in particular works well for helping you lose weight quickly. The stress on your system burns extra calories and it’s tough to maintain an appetite or keep any food down.

It’s not all that fun but highly effective for quick weight loss.

2. Get divorced.

Any serious break up or emotional trauma will do the trick. Feeling sad and stressed can be an appetite suppressant and you’ll be burning plenty of calories through the process.

3. Do drugs.

Some drugs attach to your adrenaline receptors and some attach to your dopamine receptors. Either way, they create a calorie burning environment and will make you less hungry. Cocaine or heroine are acceptable options.

4. Become a breatharian.

Yes, there are people that claim to be able to survive without food and sometimes, if they’re really dedicated, without water. Side effects include death. But, they absolutely lose weight quickly.

5. Do an MLM weight loss program like Optavia, Isogenix, or anything similar.

Who needs real food when you can have 800 calories of powdered crap? Watch your weight (and muscle) fly off your body as you simultaneously remove all the joy from your life.

Now …

Those of you who know me, understand that my sarcasm is next level.

If you’re new here … welcome.

I like to be the truth mirror that you always needed.

Because many of you perked up when you heard rapid weight loss and the promise of fast results.

The problem is this …

Rapid weight loss is NOT sustainable.

When weight loss is happening rapidly, it’s likely due to an abundance of stress or something totally unsustainable.

Which is why the weight comes back on just as quickly (and usually a little extra weight to protect you from the next crazy shit you’ll do).

That’s your body trying to keep you alive.

So, let me point out some incongruence real quick.

Did you get excited about the idea of fast results??

Don’t lie. Be fully transparent here.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting results and it’s ok to admit that you want them quickly.

If yes, let me ask you a question …

If you want to lose weight quickly, why are you still doing this on your own??

That’s called incongruence.

Wanting quick and efficient results but doing something that delays or completely stalls progress.

If you wanted to learn the piano as quickly and efficiently as possible …

Would you try to figure it all out on your own?

Or, would you take lessons from an expert?

Hmmmm …

It’s almost like we can apply logic to most areas of our lives with the exception of nutrition.

So allow me to be the voice of reason …

If you truly want to reach your goals and maintain your results forever …

It’s highly inefficient to figure it out on your own.

Consider the fact that you have been pursuing your goals for quite a while and if you’re still not where you want to be right now …

Do you think it makes sense to keep struggling alone?

Or, do you think it would happen quicker and more sustainably with some help?

Especially with a program that has a proven track record of accomplishing exactly what you hope to accomplish.

I don’t know about you … but I like to stack the odds in my favor.

Which is why I have a coach.

Which is why I’ve always had a coach since I spent 10 years on my own doing stupid shit and floundering around without ever getting to where I wanted to be.

Time is valuable to me and 10 years wasted was plenty.

When will you draw the line?

May I suggest that you do that today?

It’s the most opportune time.

The more you delay, the more your excuses will win.

Take action.

Stop the cycle.

Get to where you want to be and never look back.

We have clients who were in your exact shoes not long ago and everything changed for them because of one simple choice …

They reached out and asked for help.

Will you be next?

I guess we’ll find out.

As a reminder, our 1:1 coaching program is 6 months of individualization that begins with your Neurotype so we know the exact plan that will work for you and what foods will make you feel your best.

Then, we implement a Metabolic Priming phase so your body feels safe enough to let go of unwanted body fat and you can keep it off easier.

Lastly, we incorporate our Lifestyle Integration phase so that you can enjoy life and the things that matter to you while maintaining your amazing results.

On top of all that, we have a results guarantee or it doesn’t cost you a thing, plus the ability to get started for $0 down.

Find me another program that walks the walk like that.

I’ll wait.

And, while I’m waiting, you can shoot me a private message on FB.

We cannot move forward until we have a quick chat to make sure it’s the right fit on both sides.

Once we confirm that it is, we can officially welcome you into the program.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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