The Worst Dieting Advice Ever

by | Jul 30, 2022

The absolute worst place to get dieting advice …

When I was in college, I entered the halls of University of Maryland feeling pretty damn good about myself, physically.

I played varsity tennis, soccer, and basketball in high school and never had to worry about my weight or what I ate.

4 years of college went fairy well, aside from the part where I half-assed my way through classes.

My thirst for learning and acquiring more knowledge didn’t really strike me until later in life.

But I kept playing sports … pick-up basketball at least twice per week, flag football, and soccer.

So, even though I was eating and drinking like a typical college bro …

I wasn’t really affected by it.

Not until I graduated.

I stayed a 5th year at Maryland because my girlfriend at the time was in a 5 year accounting program and I was bartending at a sports bar and making good money for a 21 year old.

The big difference … no more organized sports.

I kept eating and drinking like an asshole.

Until one day, I woke up, walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and thought …

Who the fuck is that guy?

I barely recognized myself.

Just the other day I got one of those memories on FB from 15 years ago.

Even Mel said she couldn’t believe it was me.

I remember feeling so out of place in my own body.

I wanted my identity back.

So I did what I thought was the logical thing to do …

I bought a piece of cardio equipment and started dieting.

The worst place to get dieting advice? In the back of a cardio manual.

The last page of the manual had a sample meal plan and I followed it to a tee.

I’m fairly certain it was about 1200 calories.

The manual also said to drink ice cold water all day long to “speed up” your metabolism.

That was the first of many … many dieting attempts that left me feeling like an absolute failure.

If you don’t learn from the past, you’re more likely to repeat it.

It took me a while to learn the lesson.

I kept trying different variations of the same dieting advice …

Eat less, exercise more.

It would work, until it wouldn’t.

And eventually I’d find myself back at square 1.

Sometimes worse.

I never realized that the goal of many programs is to get you to lose weight quickly and unsustainably so that once you stop doing the program, you gain the weight back then sign up for the program again.

Even WW notoriously bragged about how many of their customers leave them, fail, and then come back to them … as if that’s a good thing.

Shouldn’t the goal be self reliance?

Anyway, that’s not the point.

Nutrition is NOT one-size-fits-all.

The point is that we can’t find the solution in a cookie cutter plan. We sure as hell can’t find the solution in the back of a cardio manual.

Just like you wouldn’t take dating advice that says … “everyone must date blondes.”

You also shouldn’t take dieting advice that includes absolutes.

The solution depends on YOU.

Your personality. Your unique disposition. Your lifestyle.

The habits, behaviors, and actions that you take to achieve the goals you desire should be viewed as something you will carry with you forever.

They are not dry erase board markers.

They are permanent markers.

You can make adjustments, you can change colors, but you should view those foundational elements as permanent.

If you can’t see yourself doing it forever … don’t do it at all.

Real change happens when you know yourself and know how to play your game.

That’s why our 1:1 coaching program begins with understanding your Neurotype.

It allows us to understand what will work best for you.

Then, we want to assess your current metabolic state and prime our metabolism for success.

Lastly, we make sure that everything fits within your lifestyle so you can maintain your results forever.

And no, we don’t pride ourselves on you leaving the program and then feeling like you need us again.

You may need a tune up. But ultimately, you’ll walk away with total confidence and self reliance in your own ability.

The outcome is that the people we serve end up achieving their physical goals (usually an average of 20-30 lbs. of fat loss in 6 months) and completely repair their relationship with food and feel totally free through the process.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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