This Decision Will Set You Free From Restrictive Diets

by | Jul 27, 2021

This could be the most pivotal time for your nutritional success.

Can we be honest with each other for a minute?

Summer is not the easiest time to be dialed in on your nutrition.

Maybe I’m projecting.

But the allure of day drinking in the sun, beach trips with delicious food, summer BBQs, and vacations is strong.

I certainly haven’t been the model of consistency over the past couple of months.

And if you feel the same way …

It could be the best thing for you.

Are you feeling stuck with your nutrition goals?

However, you’ve been to this fork in the road before.

It’s probably not the only time you’ve been a little more laid back about your nutrition.

It’s probably not the only time you’ve been enjoying a little too much flexibility.

I’m guessing you’ve been here many times.

I’m also guessing that you’ve always taken the same turn at the fork in the road.

You reach that point where it all hits you.

The drinking, the weekend indulgences, the lack of overall consistency

It starts to add up.

And you feel it.

And you’re like, ok … we’ve had our fun, now it’s time to get serious.

Enter: the fork in the road.

The left turn is the path you’ve always chosen.

The left turn is overcompensation.

The left turn is where “getting serious” means cutting calories significantly, doing something extreme, and trying to undo all of your damage in a matter of weeks.

The left turn has always landed you in a worse spot.

If you zoom out …

It is actually a giant loop that takes you right back to that same fork in the road.

Have you realized that you’ve been traveling in circles on the road to your fitness goals?

I remember when I had that realization.

Not a fun moment but an important one.

And, after countless left turns and winding up back at that same fork in the road …

I finally turned right.

The right turn is where you realize that the over indulgences and added flexibility are part of the process.

And you find the benefits.

You’ve had more fun. You’ve spent more time with people you care about. You’ve probably helped your metabolism.

The right turn is a gradual return to consistency.

The right turn isn’t extreme.

The right turn is seizing the metabolic advantage that you’ve created by making a few simple tweaks to make progress.

The right turn has a few circles, some construction, and detours … but always continues forward.

You may be at the fork in the road right now.

Or, you may approach the fork in the road in the near future.

Remember the implications of the left turn.

Going from one extreme to the next is psychologically and physiologically damaging.

There’s a reason why it seems easy to regain weight when you consistently make the left turn.

Going from over indulging to extreme restriction is quite possibly the worst thing for your metabolism (and your relationship with food).

Think back to all the left turns and consider that if you want a different outcome than you’ve always gotten …

You need to do something different than you’ve always done.

Go right.

And, if you want to know one of the best ways to ensure you arrive at your destination …

Don’t travel alone.

Get yourself a guide. A GPS.

Someone that understands your individuals needs.

Ready to be set free from restrictive diets?

Our GPS system will look like this …

We’ll take advantage of the opportunity to ensure your metabolism is in the best place to respond.

Our Metabolic Priming phase is what sets you up for long term success.

We’ll use your personality type to create a travel route that feels the most natural for you.

It’ll feel more effortless to stay on the road.

We’ll utilize our Lifestyle Integration phase to make sure the travel plans are built specifically for you.

All of the beautiful scenery you enjoy will be included on your path.

Not only will you arrive confidently at your destination, but you’ll have everything you need to keep driving on your own.

That’s the true gift of the whole process.

And, when you’re ready to make your travel plans, shoot me a private message on FB.

We’ll have a quick chat so I can help you understand what your specific roadmap will look like.

Then we can start driving.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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