What Trees Have to Do With Your Health Goals

by | Mar 9, 2022

There were these two neighbors who both loved trees.

Jim and Dave.

Each morning, they’d wake up, walk out to their respective yards, greet each other, and then get to work.

Jim was obsessed with having a 15 foot tree one day.

It was his ultimate life goal.

Dave just absolutely loved the process of planting and growing trees.

It gave him the ultimate joy.

Each morning, Jim would walk outside to his yard and would get incredibly frustrated that his trees weren’t 15 feet tall.

He’d piss and moan and then get to work.

Each day was more painful than the last for Jim.

Why aren’t my trees growing fast enough?

Am I ever going to have a 15 foot tree? It’s all I want in life.

Dave’s trees were growing at about the same rate as Jim’s.

Dave would go outside and would simply tend to his trees.

Loving the process each day.

Then, one day, tragedy struck.

A hurricane rolled through their small town.

All of their trees were uprooted and decimated.

Jim walked outside to his yard and was in total dismay.

I can’t believe I’m never going to have a 15 foot tree.

I’ve spent my whole life being miserable for not having a 15 foot tree and now I have to start all over.

Why even bother?

Dave walked outside to his yard and thought …

I can’t wait to plant more seeds and get back to growing my trees.

You see, your health goals are your 15 foot trees.

And you wake up each day only focusing on the fact that your trees aren’t 15 feet yet.

Which causes you frustration and stress.

And ultimately makes you lose sight of the process.

Which leads you to extremes. Restriction. Unsustainable methods.

Then, when life happens and a metaphorical hurricane hits …

You’re devastated.

You feel like it’s all pointless.

But what if you simply fell in love with the process of growing trees?

Imagine if you stopped obsessing over the 15 foot tree and simply loved planting and growing trees?

Maybe you’d stop sacrificing the things and the people you love for the sake of a 15 foot tree that probably wouldn’t even be that meaningful if you got it.

But loving the process (lifestyle) of growing trees means that when life happens and the hurricane hits …

You simply wake up the next day and look forward to planting and growing your trees.

The good news is …

It’s never too late to make that change and your health goals ARE within your reach!

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