What’s your Neurotype? Type 1B

by | Oct 29, 2019

Neurotype 1B Neurological overview:  

High levels of self-esteem but can more easily adjust their behavior to the needs of a situation, fast motor learners, multi-taskers, better natural athletes.

High dopamine sensitivity – Goal oriented, high self-esteem, seeks to win (to get pleasure), loves to take risks, leads by example 

Higher serotonin vs. dopaminergic activity – Less adrenaline production results in them normally performing best under pressure (they don’t get over-excited) but also harder to get “amped up”, less risk of overtraining than neurotype 1A, more adaptable behavior.

Higher serotonin to GABA ratio – While not as adaptable as 2A’s, they can more easily adjust their behavior to various people and situations.

High acetylcholine – Better motor learning, memory and information recall, more creativity, more efficient stretch reflex, greater need for experimenting with a lot of things.

Personality characteristics:

  • High self-esteem
  • Multi-taskers
  • Quick learners
  • Naturally athletic
  • Explosive personality
  • Imaginative
  • Likes to try new things
  • Impatient
  • Goal-oriented
  • Excellent skill transfer
  • Competitive
  • Leads by example
  • Risk takers
  • Performs well under pressure
  • Needs to see results quickly


Training specifics:

  • Explosive lifting, neurological work, more variety (high acetylcholine)
  • Builds muscle by becoming more explosive
  • Loves to utilize momentum or the stretch reflex
  • Needs to be challenged or gets bored easily
  • Best transfer from assistance lifts to main movements
  • Can handle high intensity and high volume (dopamine sensitivity, high acetylcholine, high serotonin)
  • Resilient to stress and recover well from neurological work (high serotonin)


Sport preference:

  • Olympic lifting
  • Sprinters
  • MMA 
  • CrossFit
  • Any skill position in sports (naturally the most athletic)

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