What’s your Neurotype? Type 2B

by | Oct 29, 2019

Neurotype 2B Neurological Overview:

The more emotional type, all their emotions (good or bad) are amplified, they have a lower level of self-esteem and need others to like them to feel good, they have the highest level of empathy, and are often prone to rapid mood swings.

High glutamate – Good memory, but not necessarily good recall of information, strong emotions, prone to frequent mood swings.

Serotonin higher than GABA – Fairly adaptable behavior, not as much as Neurotype 2A’s but equal or superior to Neurotype 1B’s. The 2B is often seen as “the good guy or girl.”

Low inhibitors vs. activators – More prone to anxiety, tend to produce more cortisol than all the types except Neurotype 3, prone to overthinking and creating scenarios in their mind. Will prefer to stick to things they know than taking risks.

Low to moderate acetylcholine – Memory will still be good because of glutamate, but recall of information will be slower. Motor learning is not as good.


Personality characteristics:

  • Needs to feel important
  • Higher anxiety
  • Introverted but can be extroverted when they feel good
  • Great listeners
  • Prefers one-on-one situations
  • Emotional
  • Seeks admiration and respect of others
  • Falls in love easily
  • People pleasers
  • Gives all of themselves to others/relationships
  • Has a hard time saying no
  • Hates to disappoint others
  • Sticks with things they know and love
  • Reads people well
  • Likes to dress up and look good
  • Very empathetic
  • Most prone to choking under pressure
  • Hard on themselves
  • Will sacrifice themselves for others
  • Most prone to emotional eating and binge episodes


Training specifics:

  • Needs to FEEL their muscles working (high glutamate)
  • Loves a good pump
  • Motivated by a positive reward from their training (ie lots of sweat, muscles burning, etc)
  • Mind-muscle connection
  • A bad workout can ruin their motivation
  • Cannot handle a lot of neurological work
  • Can handle a lot of volume of muscular work


Sport preference:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Physique

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