When Is It YOUR Turn to Be a Priority?

by | Oct 2, 2021

When is it your turn?

Everyone has had their time.

But what about you?

When do you become the priority?

You’ve spent most of your life making sure that everyone else is ok …

Kids …

Parents …

Partner …

Friends …

Literally everyone … except you.

Let’s be honest, you love to feel needed.

You love being the one that everyone goes to when they want/need something.

But what about you?

Who do you go to?

When is it your time?

What have you sacrificed in the name of people pleasing?

Your health?

Your well being?

Your identity?

Would you even know what to do with yourself if you truly became your own top priority?

Or, would you feel too vulnerable and naked?

It’s your turn to invest in yourself … now!

The mask of putting everyone else first keeps you comfortable and safe.

Which is why you cower every time you try to set boundaries and actually keep them.

Holding the line is supposed to feel uncomfortable.

It’s not normal for you … yet.

You’ve become more accustomed to doing everything for everyone so “normal” means …

Feeling burnt out.

Being on call 24/7.

Fear of saying no.

Asking for permission to do things for yourself.

Doing things you don’t want because you hate to let people down.

So yes … putting yourself first, establishing firm boundaries, and protecting your own energy won’t feel natural in the beginning.

It’ll take time to establish some new patterns.

But, isn’t it time already?

Aren’t you tired of pouring from an empty cup?

Aren’t you ready to feel better?

It’s your turn.

The fear of letting people down will dissipate.

The liberation of saying no will empower you.

And the relationships you care most about will strengthen because you will actually have more to give by prioritizing yourself first.

Funny how that happens.

Anyway, if you feel guilty for setting a boundary or doing something for you …

Then, let this be your wake up call.

You deserve better.

And, you have everything you need to get better right now.

Take that first step and do something purely for yourself.

Invest in yourself.

Commit to yourself.

Prioritize yourself.

The first step is the hardest.

Keep it simple.

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