Why the Perfect Macro Plan Doesn’t Work

by | Jul 31, 2022

Want to know how to create the perfect macro plan for yourself that will melt the fat right off your body??

It’s a trick question.

There’s no such thing.

I know what you’re thinking … but wait … what about calories in vs. calories out, bruh.

Fair point.

I guess if you’re interested in temporary results, we can play the numbers game.

Calculate your macros. Hit them consistently for an extended period of time. Lose some weight.

And then what?

There’s no such thing as a perfect macro plan.

What happens when your body adapts or when your metabolism down regulates? What happens when you plateau or when you binge? What happens when life gets in the way?

Ahhh, so maybe this is more than just a numbers game.

Creating permanent results is an adaptive problem, not a technical one.

Most coaches and diet programs treat it like a technical problem.

To fully understand the difference between an adaptive problem and a technical problem, go listen to this podcast -> here.

It’s pretty straight forward though …

Technical problem = black and white solution (ex: I have tetanus, I need a tetanus shot).

Adaptive problem = nuanced solution (ex: my dog passed away, I need to figure out how to communicate this effectively with each of my children based on their unique personalities).

As I said, most coaches and diet programs treat fat loss like it’s a technical problem.

Problem – I have 20 lbs. of fat I want to lose.

Technical solution – Follow this macro plan, eat this many calories and work out this many times per week.

Unfortunately, you can’t solve an adaptive problem with a technical solution.

An adaptive solution is required.

There’s a reason why the majority of the population cannot simply follow a macro plan or count calories and achieve a lifetime of success.

And no, it’s not because everyone is just lazy.

It’s because the solution is nuanced and adaptive.

It requires an understanding of the individual. Their behavioral patterns, their personality, their values, their lifestyle, their habits, and their core desires.

Yesterday I overheard Mel doing a check in video for one of her new clients.

Of course, she talked about nutrition and touched on macros.

But the bulk of her message was about making this work for LIFE. How to navigate not tracking. How to still enjoy life and make progress. How to instill habits that make sense for this particular individual.

Adaptive solution.

If you have a history of emotional eating or stress eating or binge eating

A new macro plan sure as shit won’t solve a damn thing.

Once again … adaptive problems require adaptive solutions.

The main friction point with adaptive solutions is that they require behavior modification and more effort from the individual trying to change.

It’s not as simple as.. just take this pill.

You must be part of the solution.

You must be willing to modify your own behavior to achieve your goals.

If you’re hoping for a technical solution (aka – eat this many calories and have a nice day), you’ll be grossly disappointed in the outcome.

There’s a reason why our 1:1 coaching process beings with a personality assessment and getting to know our clients on a deeper level.

We want to know behavioral tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, diet history, personal preferences, etc.

Then, we assess the metabolic state of our clients so we can create a unique plan that’s designed to work long term.

If your metabolism is not primed to respond to fat loss, it’ll fight back … and win.

That’s a frustrating place to be, so we make sure it doesn’t happen.

We want your body feeling safe so it willingly lets go of body fat.

Lastly, we integrate everything into your lifestyle to ensure longevity and sustainability.

If it doesn’t make sense for your life, it doesn’t make sense to do it.

This is the definition of an adaptive solution.

It’s nuanced. It depends on the individual. It can change as new information becomes available. It includes and relies on the individual for feedback, input, and behavior modification.

And most importantly … it fuckin works.

Thousands of success stories later … and I can confidently say it’s the most effective approach.

You can keep watching from the sidelines.

Or you can get in the game.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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