Winning Isn’t Always About Weight loss

by | Mar 1, 2023

“I haven’t tracked a single macro and I’m down over 25 lbs.”

The weight loss isn’t even the best part of this client win. You’ll see what I mean.

Yesterday was our team call so that means today is the recap of the wins and struggles we shared.

Client Struggle Turned Win: 7 lbs. of Weight Loss After a Steady Plateau

Coach Mel led things off with a client struggle turned win. This is a client who came to us already pretty lean and petite in size. She was incredibly consistent and compliant in working with Mel. They went through metabolic priming phases, fat loss phases, maintenance phases and … nothing.

There would be tiny dribs and drabs of movement on the scale but then it would immediately stop and frustration was mounting. Mel suspected that something wasn’t right because this client was checking all of the boxes. So they discussed doing some of our functional testing.

It’s a big commitment but she was in. They got some answers from the tests they ran and started on the path to healing. The client stopped focusing on the scale and put all of her attention on the process. And within a few weeks, she’s already down 7 lbs. For someone who couldn’t get the scale to budge in months and is already quite lean … this is huge!

Coach Leah was up next and shared that her win was her vacation! She was able to disconnect and recharge her batteries. It’s a testament to the work she does with her clients that they feel totally self reliant without her for a week. We preach boundaries all the time so it’s nice to be a living example of it.

Client Win: Focusing on a Healthy Relationship with Food vs. Weight Loss (and Weight Loss Still Happened!)

Coach Ashley shared a powerful story about a client who has been with her for 12 months. This is an individual that has high anxiety, has dealt with some trauma, and goes through depressive-like periods. She had a very rocky relationship with food.

Always labeling food as good vs. bad. Feeling obsessed and stressed around food. Saying that it always controlled her thoughts. In working with Ashley, she has not tracked a single macro. They’ve worked on food quality, removing the good vs. bad mindset around food, and just fueling based on how her body feels and responds.

After 1 year of working together, this particular client told Ashley that she doesn’t even think twice about what she’s eating which she never thought would be possible. She has no more stress around food. Even after going through a difficult January with seasonal affective disorder, she didn’t view that as a setback and just kept working on her habits.

In her mind, the biggest win is that her relationship with food is in a place that she didn’t believe was possible. The side effect of the work they’ve done is that she’s also down over 25 lbs.

Client Win: Body Composition Changes and Increased Strength

Coach JK has a client that’s about to graduate. This is someone who was always of the mindset that more is better. She was doing a solid workout program before joining but wasn’t quite seeing the results she wanted.

JK took the time to understand the training design that would suit her disposition and keep her engaged. She’s a type 3 so having a structure in place was important. He also helped her to work smarter, not harder. Rest days and low intensity movement became more of a focal point.

Well the results on the scale are maybe a 10 lb difference but the body comp changes are huge. Not only that, but this particular client does at-home workouts and had the same set of weights for 2 straight years without needing heavier weights. After working with JK, she’s had to buy heavier weights not once, but twice! Strength gains, body comp improvements, working smarter … massive wins.

Client Struggle: Wanting to Focus on Health vs. Weight Loss

Coach Kortney shared a couple client struggles that are very relatable. Two new clients came to her saying that they just want to focus on health and not weight. Then, after a week of no movement on the scale, they expressed their frustration. Kortney had to have a tough and honest conversation with them about expectations vs. reality. If you say you want health and don’t want to focus on weight loss, then let’s make sure you understand what that entails. If not, let’s readjust our priorities so we’re on the same page.

It’s never an easy conversation but it’s massively important. Kortney also had a client struggle turned win. This particular client is also a nutrition coach and sometimes we can be the most difficult because we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. So this client was frustrated that things weren’t working when it had only been one week.

Kortney got her on the phone and let her vent about everything she was feeling. Hearing it spoken out loud, the client immediately was like … wait, I would never coach someone in the way that I’m asking to be coached. Ok, now I hear the disconnect. I’m going to follow through on the process and commit.

It’s a memorable moment when the client puts their full trust in the coach.

Client Win: Sustainable Results Despite an Autoimmune Condition

Coach Liz shared a client story that I think you’ll find inspiring. This is an individual who has Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and needed foot surgery during her time with Liz. Not only that, but she has 4 daughters and feels like she’s running a taxi service with shuttling them to all of their various activities.

When you’re dealing with an autoimmune condition, it’s important to reduce stress. But this is life and some stress like running your kids around is not that easy (or possible) to remove. Liz really had to be intentional about the protocol she gave to this client. She worked on food choices that would help her liver and really went deep in understanding what her body was responding to.

After 1 year of work together, she’s down over 30 lbs! If you think that progress can’t be made because you have an autoimmune condition … think again. My favorite part of this story is that Liz shared how much this client helped her level up as a coach. You impact us just as much as we impact you.

Coaching Wins: Helping People See the Value of Investing in a Personalized Nutrition Coaching Program

Meghan shared that her win was that someone she spoke to back in August, ended up reaching back out and joining the program last week. This particular client said that she remembered her original call with Meghan and found it extremely valuable. Whether you enroll in coaching or not, we want to make sure you are taken care of and gain some insight for yourself.

It’s a testament to how much care and passion goes into each step of this journey and Meghan brings a high level of compassion and understanding into each enrollment call.

Steve shared a similar win as Meghan in being able to stay in communication with some clients who didn’t enroll right away but felt more confident joining after Steve sent them resources and shared client stories with them. He also loved to hear some of the wins that were shared on the call because some of the clients were ones that he enrolled who were on the fence about joining. And now they’re beyond grateful that they made the decision to join.

Amy wrapped things up by shouting out and recognizing the coaches for all of the work they do with their clients. Being able to navigate all of the various challenges that come up through the process is not an easy job. And the coaches pour their hearts and souls into this and when we can all take a minute to put things in perspective … it’s rejuvenating and energizing. It makes me so damn proud of the work we’re doing.

I hope you’re still enjoying this weekly segment.

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