You Might Be Missing Out on Life’s Precious Moments

by | Aug 25, 2021

How many moments have you missed out on because you were dieting?

You may not have even considered it dieting.

The dieting cycle kept me from having a LIFE.

Several years ago I would avoid going out with friends.

I would tell them I was sick.

I would come up with every excuse in the book.

Just so I could stay home and hit my macros.

In my mind, I wasn’t dieting.

I was simply trying to be “healthy” and I had to lie because they “just wouldn’t get it.”

Those are the obvious examples of missing out on moments.

Then there’s the less obvious …

Dieting is a vicious cycle

Like the experience that one of our clients described to me on our initial consultation call.

She said that her kids would want cookies.

So she and her husband would get them cookies.

And, everyone would eat cookies together except for her.

When her kids would ask why she wasn’t eating them, she told them that cookies made her feel icky.

Lying to her kids would make her feel like crap.

She would think and obsess about it all night.

She never felt present with her family at dinner and it even impacted her sex life with her husband.

He would ask her what’s wrong and she would lie to him, too.

I’m just not feeling all that great, she would say.

Then, after her husband would go to bed …

She’d sneak down to the kitchen and eat the rest of the cookies.

And would feel an extreme amount of guilt and shame.

And would promise herself to never do that again.

But, it kept happening.

She got emotional when I asked her if I could share this story.

The biggest thing she emphasized to me was how the perpetual dieting cycle kept her from being present during some of the most amazing experiences with her family.

It wasn’t just dinners at home.

It was vacations.

Date nights.

Family BBQs.

Moments that she would be physically there but mentally vacant.

All because she told herself that she needed to be “consistent.”

She told herself that once she reached her goals … she’d stop.

It never happened.

Recently, she sent me a message saying that she regrets not finding POP 5 years ago.

And, I told her that it’s because of her courage to keep falling forward that someone else is going to be moved by her story and will make a necessary change in their life.

Maybe that’s you.

Our 1:1 nutrition coaching will show you a better way.

You may be missing out on precious life moments whether you’re physically there but mentally distracted or just skipping out on them altogether because you think you need to sacrifice everything you love for the sake of hitting your goals.

You may be telling yourself that it’ll all stop once you’ve “made it.”

Just get these X amount of pounds off and then you’ll go back to “normal.”

It won’t happen.

You’ve likely been stuck in this cycle for a while and it’s not going to change unless you realize this pattern is not serving you.

Stop trying to be perfect.

Stop restricting yourself.

Stop the constant deprivation.

Stop trying to rip the band aid off.

There’s a beautiful place of balance and freedom that exists when you remove the mindset that you’re “on or off” your plan.

Once we begin the lifestyle integration phase with our clients, they feel an immense amount of stress relief.

No more pressure to be perfect.

They can actually enjoy the process.

They can be fully present with their families.

They can remove the food rules.

They can enjoy social events without obsessing over every bite of food.

They can just … live.

Oh, and they can finally start moving towards their goals in the most sustainable way possible.

Now, I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations.

When you’re trying to repair your relationship with food and find a sustainable approach that suits your lifestyle …

It doesn’t happen overnight.

But, within a couple of weeks, our clients realize that they never have to go back to their previous ways … and that’s liberating AF.

If that’s something you need help with, then our 1:1 program might be the right next step for you.

Shoot me a private message on FB so we can determine if it’s the right fit on both sides.

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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