Your Coach Doesn’t Belong on a Pedestal!

by | May 29, 2020

Stop putting your coach on a pedestal! ?

I’m as guilty of this as anyone because it’s more of a type 2A and 2B thing.

However, I’ve seen it quite frequently over the years.

No one is perfect … even your coach!

You hire a coach because you admire them or resonate with their message. Or, you feel like you’d be a good fit for their approach.

You’re all excited to get started and you hit the ground running.

Then … the inevitable happens. You have a bad day! ?

Logic says … every single human being has a bad day and perfection does not exist.

Emotion says … OMG I totally screwed the pooch and my coach is going to be so disappointed in me!

Sometimes, emotion wins. And, as a result, you avoid checking in with your coach.

You either don’t want to let them down, don’t want to feel judged, or you placed your coach on a pedestal as someone who never makes a mistake.

Often times, this is coming from our own projections and stories we’ve created in our heads.

However, it’s common that you’ve created a story about your coach that involves some level of perfection.

He/she must eat well ALL the time and never misses a workout.

He/she always has his/her shit together.

Let me just say … this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Learn from my experience

I can speak from both sides of this situation.

As a 2A, I would do anything for the admiration of people I respect.

I’ve had some pretty badass coaches like Christian Thibaudeau, Jason Phillips, Bryan Krahn … to name a few.

You think I wanted to check in with them when I messed up? Of course not.

But, I had to remind myself of two things…

1. They can’t help me if I don’t because lessons learned from failures are incredibly important.

2. They are human! That means they struggle with the same shit that I do.

In fact, Thibs tells some epic stories about some binge episodes he’s had in the past. Same with Jason and Bryan.

From my perspective as a coach … I literally go through every single struggle that my clients go through.

Just as recently as last night, I ate some unplanned candy that belonged to Mel’s son. ?‍♂️

The point is that your coach is in the trenches with you.

In fact, the thing I look for when hiring my own coaches is if they have gone through the shit that I’m going through and successfully come out the other side.

People hire me because I’ve been through the dieting ringer and I’m still standing. I’ve been through the chronic dieting, yo-yo dieting, restrict and binge cycles. I’ve been through the poor body image, disordered relationship with food, hating myself lean. I’ve been through the templates, automation, cookie cutter nonsense.

And yet, here I am.

Is your coach on a pedestal or in the trenches?

I had to crawl through the shit the hard way, which gives me the ability to help others sprint through it more efficiently.

One of the keys to that process is working through the pains, failures, and mindset hurdles.

Yes, of course we want to learn from the successes as well.

But, as coaches, we need all the info to truly help.

Have you ever struggled with putting your coach on a pedestal? If so, what’s your Neurotype? I want to see if it’s mostly 2A’s and 2B’s

Interested in 1:1 Coaching?

And let me know that you’re interested in the 1:1 signature coaching program.

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