Your Perception Becomes Your Reality

by | Apr 23, 2020

What is TRUTH?

I don’t mean to hit you with such a deep question, but it’s a question worth unpacking.

Truth is subjective.

What you perceive, you believe. Therefore, your perception becomes your reality.

The lens through which you see the world is colored by your own beliefs.

This is why two people can witness the exact same event or situation and have two totally different perspectives.

Often times, we scratch our heads wondering why other people don’t see it our way.

To put it simply, the color of our lens is unique to us.

This automatic process can be beneficial in a number of ways …

For example, it helps expedite decision making and information processing.

However, it can also be harmful …

For example, it can create judgments and assumptions that are not based in reality.

When we judge someone or when we judge ourselves, we put them in a box and limit their ability to function outside of those parameters.

Let’s say we judge someone as stupid. When they make a mistake (which all of us do), it affirms our belief and we’re not surprised. Of course that mistake was made … that person just isn’t smart.

When they do something right, we chalk it up to luck. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut!

As you can see, our perception remains our reality. However, it can also be very limiting.

What kind of reality is your perception showing you?

Now, imagine the same effect when you judge yourself as someone who is “undisciplined” or someone who “just can’t get their shit together” or someone who “has no control around food” or someone who “is addicted to sugar.”

You are placing yourself in that very same box and limiting your own ability to operate outside of those parameters.

As such, your perception becomes your reality.

There is a concept known as neuroplasticity, which basically states that we have the ability to rewire our brains. That our brains can create new neural connections throughout our lives as we provide it with changes in situations, inputs, and environment.

I find this to be incredibly empowering because it immediately removes the confined “boxes” that we often create for ourselves.

It illustrates that nothing is “absolute” and that truth is up to us, and only us.

It fosters a GROWTH mindset and gets us out of FIXED thinking.

This is a topic that I go deeper into in my book, The Personality Diet.

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I also just dropped a podcast episode about judgments…

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