Your Personality Matters… A Lot!

by | Jun 28, 2019

You already know that your personality is important in how you manage relationships, but did you know that it’s also a key to your success in terms of following a training or nutrition program? When it comes to your results, I’m a believer that 2 things need to be present… consistency and adherence.

The absolute best training program followed with 50% adherence and consistency will perform significantly worse than a shitty training program followed with 100% adherence and consistency.

The issue with these two factors being the driver of results is that we often approach them with the wrong frame of mind.

Most people pick a nutrition or training program based off something they read or what their friend is doing and give it a go. They do well for a short period of time but inevitably fall off.

The natural response for the majority of people is to blame themselves for not having enough willpower or discipline to be successful. So then they think a new program will be the answer and they rinse and repeat that process.

Going through program after program can be a valuable learning experience, but it’s also costly and inefficient.

It’s more effective to approach your nutrition and training with an important understanding …

Your personality matters … a lot!

Personality affects results

When it comes to adherence, consistency, and sustainability, who you are as a person will have a dramatic impact on the protocols that will fit you the best.

Also known as your Neurotype or neurological profile, your personality gives us insight into the neurotransmitter balance in your body, and neurotransmitters control everything.

They are chemical messengers that are responsible for basically every single process that occurs in our bodies. When it comes to motivation to train, pleasure, reward-seeking behaviors, handling stress, muscle contractions, muscle fiber recruitment, recovery from training, etc., neurotransmitters play an important role!

Knowing your neurotype

Knowing your neurotransmitter dominance and sensitivity provides a huge asset in understanding the proper training and nutrition protocols that will be easiest to adhere to, remain consistent with, and sustain long term.

There are 5 Neurotypes, classified by neurotransmitter dominance:

Type 1A – dopamine dominant
Type 1B – dopamine dominant
Type 2A – adrenaline dominant
Type 2B – glutamate dominant
Type 3 – serotonin dominant

In the next article, we’ll cover the personality traits and training considerations for each type.

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