7 Rules For a Better Body

by | Oct 13, 2021

We over complicate nutrition.

We take something that’s innate and pretty simple and we make it a lifelong challenge.

I battled with nutrition for 10 years and the more people I talk to, the more I realize that 10 years is actually on the shorter side of things when it comes to overcoming nutritional struggles.

What’s interesting about this whole journey is that the problem is never what you think it is.

You ask questions like …

Should I eat low carb?
How much cardio should I do?
Is it ok to eat before bed?
Should I skip breakfast?
What supplements should I take?
Should I cut out sugar?
What do I do if the scale goes up a couple pounds?

Or my favorite …

I’m eating X number of calories with XYZ breakdown of macros …

Are these the best numbers for me??

And the reality is …

None of that shit matters.

Not in the way you think it does.

Mostly, it’s a distraction.

You spend so much time focusing on the minor details that you obsess and stress yourself out.

And potentially ignore the big rocks that actually make a difference.

How to get a better body

So, here are 7 rules for a better body.

I’m not just talking about physically either …

I’m talking health, overall well-being, mindset, etc.

I just couldn’t think of a better, all-encompassing name for the list. 😉

Here we go …

1. Actually give a shit about what you put in your body.

This is not some “just eat clean, bro” bullshit.

I don’t believe in good vs. bad foods or telling yourself that certain foods are off limits.

I believe in eating foods that make you feel your best …

Which is context dependent.

For example, most of the time I like to eat quality foods that help with energy, mood, recovery, digestion, sleep, and keeping hunger in check.

But there are times, like yesterday, when eating cake makes me feel my best.

Food is not just energy or fuel.

It serves many purposes so understand the context of the situation and actually give a shit about what you eat.

2. Expand your time horizon.

Zoom out.

Stop getting so hung up on one decision.

One day, one week, one month, or even one year is actually not that long in the grand scheme of things.

If you’re constantly focused on instant gratification, you’ll end up jumping from quick fix to quick fix and you’ll never get to where you want to be.

Keep things in perspective and you won’t take a trip to fuck-it-ville just because you ate an unplanned donut.

3. Move your body.

I was going to simply say “walk more” because walking is probably the most valuable asset when it comes to your health.

But, there are so many ways to move your body so let’s make this a bit more inclusive.

Walk, dance, run, swim, bike, stretch, hike, climb, play sports …

Find joy and explore the ways in which your body can move.

4. Get strong.

Once again, I decided to change the title from “lift weights” to “get strong.”

Because there are plenty of ways to build muscle and/or get stronger without lifting weights.

The bottom line is … you are capable of more.

Challenge yourself.

Pursue strength and watch the confidence that exudes from that pursuit.

Your body wasn’t meant to wither away.

Life is a lot more fun and empowering when you’re strong.

5. Stop dieting.

Seriously … stop.

You need more than 1200 calories to thrive.

Living in a constant state of restriction is exhausting and stressful.

Being told to always eat less is demoralizing.

Having a dieter’s mindset is why you always ask questions about the perfect macros and the perfect meal plan and the perfect meal timing.

It’s fool’s gold.

It makes you think you’re doing “everything right” but in reality, it’s keeping you stuck.

Spend more time actually trying to feel your best and supporting your pursuit of strength and watch what happens.

Combine that with an expanded time horizon, some movement, quality habits … and you’re golden.

6. Prioritize yourself.

You know what wrecks havoc on more results than anything else?


A lot of it is out of our control but plenty of it is our own doing.

Thinking that everyone else should come first.

People pleasing.

Self sabotage.

Perfectionist tendencies.

We like to pretend our greatest sources of stress are just inherent and we can’t do anything about them.

But that’s a lie.

How much of it is the simple fact that you identify with those traits and hold onto them?

Like who are you if you’re not always needed and putting everyone first?

You’ll always be spinning your wheels unless you start realizing that you matter.

You need to be your number 1 priority above all else.

You think you’re doing those around you a favor but you’re actually doing them a disservice when you ignore your own needs.

It’s never too late to make a change.

7. Challenge your excuses.

You’re right … it’s not fair.

You’ve probably got some stuff stacked against you …

Maybe it’s your schedule, your genetics, your upbringing, perimenopause, injuries, work, family, finances …

It’s easy to look at the 20-something year old with no responsibilities and a bangin’ body and think … must be nice.

But, what does that do for you?

It’s still on you to do what you need to do.

It’s still 100% your responsibility.

I think we often keep our excuses handy because we don’t like to be naked and vulnerable.

Meaning … when we ditch our excuses, it exposes us to the fact that is entirely on our shoulders.

And that can be scary.

Or it can be empowering.

Once you realize that your excuses are valid BUT they don’t have to hold you back …

You can get to work, stay in the driver’s seat, and stop playing the victim.

So there you have it … 7 rules for getting a better body.

What do you think of this list?

Anything you would add? Anything you disagree with?

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